Denis Kaznacheev – Brahe’s Nose [Saint & Don’t Music]

Denis Kaznacheev - Brahe's Nose [Saint & Don't Music] 01

Denis Kaznacheev – Brahe’s Nose [Saint & Don’t Music]

As you all know by now, Denis Kaznacheev is imprisoned in Berlin after he was arrested by the German police on behalf of the US Justice Department on claims of money laundering and dark web activities, which sounds pretty crazy and far-fetched from reality. The accusations brought upon him are definitely a subject for a fair trial and he needs our support in order to make this happen. Read more about this and find out how you can help!

Right before this unfortunate event took place, Saint & Don’t Music has announced the release of “Brahe’s Nose” EP by Denis alongside Alex Troubetzkoy, Pheek, Alexis Cabrera and label co-founder Kike Mayor on remix duties. The four-tracker offers one original cut and three remixes, all designed with outstanding minimal rhythms and textures perfect for any kind of dancefloor. The label is known for its collaborations with Dubsons, Felipe Valenzuela, Nektar Agu, Vloon, Felipe Venegas, Coriesu, Primarie, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Sepp and Jessica Diaz among many others, having delivered quality underground electronic music in both digital and vinyl formats throughout time.

Denis Kaznacheev is a key figure in the international scene, with countless performances around the world and several mind-bending productions released with top labels under his belt. Aside from his intense activity as a DJ and music-maker he also manages Nervmusic, where you can find solid works by Sven Väth, Akiko Kiyama, Laurine Frost, Federico Molinari, Anestie Gomez, Rhadoo, G76, Lowris and Anton Kubikov.

Side A opens with the original “Brahe’s Nose”, a steaming minimalistic piece built with a driving percussive core, short bursting additional patterns and groovy rhythmic variations to which numerous glitches and bleeps are added for a complete hypnotic effect. Following, Alex Troubetzkoy’s remix raises the tempo while maintaining a deep atmosphere, flavoured with a strong resonating bassline, dark keys and quirky effects.

On Side B we first find the remix signed by Pheek and Kike Mayor, an alluring dancefloor weapon that sweeps through the frequencies with style, having outstanding sound dynamics and prominent drumming reverb incorporated. Closing, Alexis Cabrera drops an intricate breakbeat-oriented groove that exhibits a more playful approach to the original, introducing subtle melodic layers here and there as well as twisted sequences along the whole journey. A must-have for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artist: Denis Kaznacheev
Title: Brahe’s Nose
Label: Saint & Don’t Music
Cat. number: S&DLTD004
Release date: 30.06.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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