feeder insider w/ Denis Kaznacheev [en]

feeder insider w/ Denis Kaznacheev

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UPDATE: Justice for Denis! And join the musical protest to show our support to Denis Kaznacheev

feeder insider w/ Denis Kaznacheev [en]

Russian producer Denis Kaznacheev has succeeded in keeping us engaged with his imprint Nervmusic since 2009, through a steady catalogue that shares a refined and minimalistic approach to dance music,  releasing remarkable sounds like Visual Triangulation EP on abartik, Humelene EP on GROW, soon a remix for Bauch, Sobriquet Recordings, a remix for BeleeJean (David Delgado & Maik Yells) on DreamsAreNotInside, an ep on Curtea Veche next year, Sintesi EP on Only300Family, with remixes form Giammarco Orsini and Melchior Productions, EPs on Meraki records, on Volks and on La Clap Records, while not forgetting your work with Alka Rex, as SED Trax, out soon on What.If. Recently, Rotate devised an interesting experiment, inviting Denis Kaznacheev and Anestie Gomez to collaborate on The Wieferich Pair in a novel way, using each other’s sounds to create new compositions. Denis has received a healthy level of acclaim and attention as one-half of Easy Changes, joining forces with Kirill Silantyev.

Besides releasing music, Denis Kaznacheev is playing vinyl records at Club Der Visionaere, Hoppetosse, Chalet (Berlin), Fuse (Brussels), Sunwaves Festival (Mamaia), BLCK Market (New York), Outline Festival (Moscow), Opium Party (Italy) and Mioritmic Festival (Cluj).

experiment / improvisation / prolific

In the summer, I always… trying to go out from the house and the studio.
Rainy days… is the best for the studio time for me and I’m mostly there on a rainy day.
My favourite Russian food… Okroshka.
I take photos of… classic cars from 60’s, 70’s and some of the 80’s.
A habit I recently acquired… to look for a brutalist architecture, in the new cities which I’m visiting during my gigs.
I collect… records
When travelling, I love to… try a local food and beer
A home away from home… Berlin
The wallpaper on my computer… a drawing of the Little Prince, book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
3 artists that inspire me… Sean Booth, Rob Brown, Ricardo Villalobos.

feeder insider w/ Denis Kaznacheev [en]

Cristina Popa: Hello, Denis! It’s very nice to have you as our guest on the feeder insider series. You already visited Romania a few times, playing at Villa Takeovers, Sunwaves, Waha and soon, at Mioritmic. What would you like to find at Mioritmic?

Denis Kaznacheev: Mioritmic festival, super excited about that, gonna play in a very nice company there, old friends, new friends, label fellas and family guys, lovely people and music lovers all in one place. That’s gonna be a special one!

CP: Recalling insolitus’ 1 year anniversary, at Motiv, in Bucharest, you affirm that the strongest memories come from the wildest moments, and this was your craziest night in 2017. What was exceptional about that night?

Denis Kaznacheev:

That was the craziest night in 2017, missed the flight, missed brains and so on. But the strongest memories come from the craziest moments and this is one of them. Recorded at Motiv for the Insolitus 1 year anniversary party.

Cristina Popa: Together with Kirill Silantyev, you founded the well-known Easy Changes duo in 2003 and the outstanding Nervmusic label in 2009. Why has your friendship and collaboration thriven so nicely in all these years?

Denis Kaznacheev: Our friendship with Kirill is almost on the same level like it was back in the days, we still perform as a DJ project but don’t produce that much because we live in different cities. Probably this or the next year we will make an EP.

CP: Your live performances are based on a modular system. Which are some of your favourite modules and what do you like about them?

Denis Kaznacheev: Yes, when I perform live then I only use one of my A100 systems with two effect pedals from Eventide.

My favourite modules are DPO from make noise cause its one the most powerful analogue oscillator in eurorack,

Shapeshifter from Intellijel because of its just the best oscillator, all of the mutable instruments modules because they are unique and also multi-task and can be transformed from an oscillator to a complex LFO or ADSR and so on.

feeder insider w/ Denis Kaznacheev [en]

Various – Quattroporte ‎(4×12″), the latest compilation on Nervmusic, features contributions from Rhadoo, G76, Cesare vs. Disorder, Fumiya Tanaka, Cabanne, Melchior Productions, Martinez and yourself, among other incredibly talented artists. What is the concept of this solid release?

Denis Kaznacheev: Its a first Various Artist on Nervmusic and we wanted to bring most of the artists who were already working for the label as remixers or been just spinning records at some of our party with the artists who have been just recently connected to the label.

Also since I’m a big fan of the cars from 70’s and 80’s, I wanted to have some connection with this as well.

So we have asked Igor Skaletsky to try to do something with Maserati Quattroporte because its a 4 records, 4 wheels, quattro!


CP: It’s a pleasure!

feeder insider w/ Denis Kaznacheev [en]

Words by Cristina Popa

Photos © Jenya Sobol

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