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Watch the latest videos from Nervmusic and find out more about who’s behind them and their vision while diving into freshly released music from the label.

Nervmusic has been a beacon for the techno and house culture in Moscow’s nightlife since 2003, bringing music enthusiasts together and forming an independent movement. All along the way, the members of the team were searching for a unique sound that eventually led them to become a record label. In 2009 Denis Kaznacheev stepped into the game and throughout time he virtuously transformed the venture into the Berlin-based electronic music powerhouse that it is today.

While the imprint’s catalogue features artists like Benjamin Fehr, Pheek, Easy Changes, Laurine Frost, Federico Molinari, Rhadoo, Tripmastaz, Lowris and Anton Kubikov, among many others, in this article we are going to focus on the latest releases signed by G76, dOP and Logdam, Zefzeed and Alci, which also received amazing video work for some of the tracks, as envisioned by Dkey (Denis Kaznacheev), Toke Klinke, Daniel Denisov, A. A. Petrea and Agus Bleuville. Sit back, let the music play and enjoy the visuals! 🔮

G76 – Divergence [Un-Synchronised Headbanging / NM029]

Exploring a deeper mood elegantly complemented by spacious pads, swinging drumming patterns and an ever-evolving flow of all the layers, “Divergence” delivers a funky vibe, just as colourful as the video. Under the Dkey moniker, Denis did his first 3D work here and everything has been assembled in SideFX Houdini. Looks like he has a new hobby!

G76 – Bucket Model [Un-Synchronised Headbanging / NM029]

“Bucket Model” closes Florin Gojnea’s album with a trippy IDM-infused jam that goes beyond minimal and explores a twisted narrative. With footage from CottonBro and Pavel Danilyuk, Buca Music’s idea was edited in post-production by Denis, who also added mysterious motion graphics and spiralling effects.

G76 – Too Much [Un-Synchronised Headbanging / NM029]

“Too Much” opens G76‘s material, filling the frequencies with a wobbling house-driven rhythm powered by prominent vocal tones designed to maintain an energetic drive throughout. The abstract dynamic of the shapes in the video and their morphing textures perfectly align with the rhythm, as envisioned by Toke Klinke using Side FX Houdini and Notch.

dOP and Logdam – Barry White [Bird Does Not Doze Vol. 4 VA / NMS010]

Damien Vandesande and Jonathan Illel aka dOP join forces with Logdam (Kirill Golikov and Mad Dim) for a smooth laid-back ride into the realms of dreamy minimal for the 4th Volume of Bird Does Not Doze various artists series coming from Nervmusic since 2018. With camera work by Dmitry Gvozdik and editing by Gleb Novikov, Daniel Denisov portraits an abstract yet melancholic mood through the video’s narrative, having his characters tell a mysterious and intriguing story.

Zefzeed – Chibrit Factory [Dancing In Your Room / NM028]

Earlier this year, local artist Adrian Andrei aka Zefzeed released a 2×12″ LP titled “Dancing In Your Room”, a truly amazing material that ran out of stock pretty fast. “Chibrit Factory” is one of those tracks that will make the soundsystem tremble and the dancefloor shake. Its steady-paced drumming patterns are powered by a solid bass/subbass combo that receives equally twisted background arrangements and effects. The video by Alexandru Andrei Petrea will take you from black corridors to spiralling geometries into a hypnotic carousel that elegantly fits the rhythm. Bon voyage!

Alci – Delayed Control [Delayed Control / NM027]

The quirky low-paced rhythm of Alci’s “Delayed Control” is assimilated by Agus Bleuvillle graphics into a perfect visual representation, elegantly crafted with glitches and grainy textures, just like the sound. Adjust the volume of your speakers, click full screen and slide.

Find out more about Denis Kaznacheev from our feeder insider interview and stay in touch with the latest updates on facebook and soundcloud.
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