G76 – Un-Synchronised Headbanging 2×12″ [Nervmusic Records]

G76 - Un-Synchronised Headbanging [Nervmusic Records] 01

G76 – Un-Synchronised Headbanging 2×12″ [Nervmusic Records]

Berlin-based record label Nervmusic announces a fresh 2×12″ material signed by local artist Florin Gojnea aka G76 to arrive at the end of September. Titled “Un-Synchronised Headbanging”, the album drops a solid minimal sound fitted for both peak-time and afterhours moments at any kind of party. The artwork was made by the talented Igor Skaletsky (the original painting titled “Magic Carpet Ride” is oil on canvas).

Active since 2003, the imprint constantly delivered top-quality house and techno music, having collaborated with artists like Sven Väth, Benjamin Fehr, Pheek, Akiko Kiyama, Easy Changes, Laurine Frost, Denis Kaznacheev (co-founder), Federico Molinari, Anestie Gomez, Tripmastaz, Alci, Lowris and Zefzeed, to name only a few. A sonorous name in the international electronic music movement, G76 constantly delivers amazing DJ sets wherever he goes as well as intriguing productions, released independently or via labels like Playedby, Naural, Castanea, HPLS, Tablon, Anbu Music, Rituale, Apotek Studio or Nervmusic, to which he now returns after previous collaborations for “My Other Car Is A Centaur” EP in 2017 and “Slipping Through The Hands Of The Machine” 2×12″ in 2020.

Un-Synchronised Headbanging opens with the vibrant vibes of “Too Much” which fills the frequencies with a wobbling house-driven rhythm powered by prominent vocal tones shaped to maintain an energetic narrative throughout. Following, “Elliot Waves” explores an equally uptempo dimension, yet it displays a more dubby background soundscape designed with warm notes. On Side B of the first record, there’s “The Divergence” going for a deeper mood elegantly complemented by spacious pads, swinging drumming patterns and an ever-evolving flow of all the layers.

We switch to the second wax and “Dress To Impress” rotates with a hypnotic raw minimalistic roar, having a solid bassline in focus leading a steady-paced rhythm set at 124 bpm along with twisted glitches and intricate effects. On the flipside, “Bucket Model” goes beyond minimal, catching glimpses of IDM arrangements powered by heavily modulated vocal samples and dark melodies. Definitely another forward-thinking project coming from the artist and a strong addition to Nervmusic’s discography. Highly recommended for selectors and collectors alike!

Grab your copy of Un-Synchronised Headbanging 2×12″ at deejay.de.

Artists: G76
Title: Un-Synchronised Headbanging
Label: Nervmusic Records
Cat. number: NM029
Release date: 27.09.2021
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl

Words by AndreiB

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