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Last updated on May 28th, 2019 at 10:28 am

Denis Kaznacheev, Ana+One – AMR 002 [Abstrakt Minded Records]

After a successful debut last year, Abstrakt Minded Records returns with its second pressing, a hypnotic two-tracker signed by the well-known Russian producer and selector Denis Kaznacheev alongside Ana+One. The wax brings forward an alluring combination of minimal techno, funk and experimental rhythms, ready to sweep the frequencies on the dancefloors worldwide. Founded by Friedrich Becker and Sabèr, the label aims to provide top-notch contemporary electronic dance music to the people, exploring sounds beyond genres and trends.

Denis Kaznacheev, the owner of Nervmusic, stands out with his eclectic style, being one of the most influential artists in the scene. His techniques are uncommon and he always delivers something new, either from behind the decks or from the comfort of his studio. Throughout his career, he worked with imprints like Rotate, Grow Vinyl, Minibar, Abartik, Only 300 Family and Raconteur, to name only a few. Jesse Morrison aka Ana+One is a Canadian music maker who gets his inspiration from everywhere around him. His take on minimal techno comes with a distinct brand of funk, one that led him to release several materials with labels like Doma Musique, MicroTrax, Open Concept Recordings, Siteholder UnCut and Micromod Music.

Both tracks are based on a live arrangement that gives the sense of a constant moving groove, with a multitude of layers coming in and out of focus or evolving into new patterns and textures. The organic motion of both rhythms is outstanding, even if the cuts are almost 15 minutes long. On Side A we find “The Last Night With A Singing Fridge”, an engaging club tool designed only to amaze. Driven by a mysterious and heavy modulated vocal sample, the cut builds itself one sound at a time in the first half, only to explode into a carousel of melodies and magical vibrations framed by a thumping 4/4 beat. On Side B there’s the result of the collaboration between Denis and Jesse titled “The Rabbit Goes Mad”. The composition is very groovy, as it gets infused with subtle funky cuts, glitched effects and ever-changing percussive elements. Another hot gem for any collector or selector right here!


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Artist: Denis Kaznacheev
Title: AMR 002
Label: Abstrakt Minded Records
Cat. number: AMR002
Release date: 30.06.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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