feeder sound 213 mixed by Coriesu

Last updated on May 10th, 2019 at 10:10 am

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This week’s episode of feeder sound is designed for dancing, so get ready to hear some solid rhythms!

Born in the Dominican Republic and currently residing in New York, USA, Coriesu is well-known for his original patterns, funky grooves and organic sounds. His interests have always been interlaced with the arts going back to the days he spent at various art schools from 1997 to 2007. Armed with a vibrant passion for electronic dance music, he falls in love with the underground scene in NYC and starts to dedicate more and more time to mixing and making his own music.

The journey he creates with his production is original and the vibe is unmistakable. He dispatched amazing music with labels like Generatia ’90 Records, Dream Mode, Melotherapy, Osmosis Audio, Archipel, Body Parts, Dissonant, Kosmophono, Inwave and Palmira Records, the imprint he co-founded alongside Idana. Travelling around the world and delivering amazing music to the people, he shared the decks with many international artists like Javier Carballo, Dimitri Monev, Arapu, Andreas Tome, Lizz, Ian R, Luca Ruiz, Faster, Mihigh, Chad Andrew, and others. Coriesu also collaborated with Guy From Downstairs, Rosebud, Anaid, OZ and Amo, to name only a few. Recently, he set up a series of limited digital downloads on Bandcamp signed by himself and friends, including edits, originals and remixes, with DLM 001 being the first release. Hungry for further growth and development he’s constantly on the move, performing or spending time in his studio, always ready to bring forward fresh and alluring rhythms.

feeder sound 213 mixed by Coriesu flows with energy, blending house and tech-infused cuts into a seamless and engaging recording. The selection features solid cuts with strong basslines and uplifting percussion, providing a perfect vibration to start the weekend on. Dive deep and enjoy with the volume up!


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feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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