feeder sound 82 mixed by Sepp [Uvar / Catren]

Last updated on April 30th, 2016 at 02:29 pm

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Born and raised in Constanța and ex-resident of the legendary La Mania club, Sepp is certainly a name to remember in the Romanian underground music scene. Bajdechi Teo, by his real name, co-owns with his friend Nu Zau the alluring UVAR label and last year he started his own project, Catren, a label that goes towards a more lyrical and organic approach to music. Tracks such as Basolerief Edict or Nopți Tăcute, speak for themselves in terms of the quality of Sepp‘s productions.


”The inspiration for the tracks is simple, the lovely weather outside and the lake view.” – feeder insider w/ Sepp

Sepp takes us on a journey which has an steely organic feel to it, the dark piano strings taking you into a state of total connection with the music. With tracks from the likes of Rhadoo or Ada Kaleh, we’re in for a very intriguing mix of underground techno music. Enough said, it’s time to hit the play button. Enjoy!

Sepp: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud

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