feeder sound 284 mixed by Metafore

feeder sound 284 mixed by Metafore 01

Here in Romania, autumn slowly starts to set in while the Sun still sends out warm rays in the afternoon. Ohhh, and what a great moment to listen to some good electronic music! Enjoy this laid-back session delivered by local artist Metafore for episode 284 of our feeder sound podcast series.

Bucharest-based DJ and producer Sorin Ionita aka Metafore is the founder of the Louderground Musique label and a resident at Molotov Vama Veche, where he invites various artists to perform and delight the people during the summer season. Aside from these adventures by the sea, he performed in many local and abroad venues alongside artists like Sepp, Romenn, Macarie, Crihan, Radu Mirica, Primarie, Trik, Core, Vern and Mihai Pol, among others.

Trained in piano and visual arts, Metafore sure delivers the vibes wherever he performs. When it comes to production, he takes his time in the studio, crafting his own sounds with great care and attention to detail. Aside from the independent releases, some of his works have been published by labels like Podvodo, Stamp, Vivus, Dinsubsol, Tzinah and Ensis Black.

“Music is an important part of our lives influencing us in all ways, we often cannot achieve this.”


feeder sound 284 mixed by Metafore reveals a dynamic steady-paced journey flavoured with deep house rhythms, breakbeat-infused cuts as well as wobbling stripped-back sounds, perfect for the end of the week. The selection also includes own productions, one of which is soon to be released with Zebra Records. Enjoy the ride!

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Metafore on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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