feeder sound exclusive premiere: Imbue – Black Sea [Imbue]

Imbue - Black Sea 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Imbue – Black Sea [Imbue]

Based in Miami, Florida, Imbue consists of Maximiliano Cortes, Ignacio Vallejo and Eduardo J. Alvarez. Formed in 2016, the trio has crafted their unique interpretation of minimal electronic music, with influences ranging from house, hip-hop and psychedelic rock. Titled “V”, their latest release packs four tracks which will be available in January 2020 through their eponymous record label, while other materials are already confirmed with major imprints as well.

Imbue released their self-titled debut EP in February 2017 on vinyl, followed by “Abstractions” on the 1st of December, which was dispatched on all digital platforms. In 2018 they began displaying their live performance with appearances at the Electric Pickle, Treehouse, Rapture Festival and Club der Visionaere. Whether headlining or supporting for artists like Praslea, SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), Thomas Melchior, Argenis Brito and Vatos Locos Crew (Chad Andrew, David Gtronic & Randall M), the trio has always captivated crowds with their distinct superimposition of live electric guitar and synthesizer/keyboard playing over a consistent DJ set. The third instalment of their imprint, “Of Time and Actuality”, was delivered later that year, on November 22. The vinyl-only EP was met with widespread acclaim, reaching #1 on Decks and Deejay.de while receiving support from Raresh, Barac, Sepp and Vlad Arapasu, to name only a few.

2019 has been a big year for the group, highlighted by multiple releases. They were featured on the Orlando-based imprint Default alongside Rojid & Exander and IMB004, “Within the Gaze”, was brought forward on July 26, reaching #1 on Deejay.de in a short amount of time. IMB003 and IMB004 were repressed due to overwhelming demand after completely selling out. Imbue also returned to digital with their Bandcamp releases “bc-1” and “bc-2”.

“Black Sea” was the first track composed during the production of IMB005. This cut epitomizes our mission for “V” as it centres around a syncopated locked rhythm, which is complemented by three main guitar motifs. The groove is introduced and tension builds through an electro style synth and a clean arpeggiated guitar. This tension releases into a distorted guitar melody with a 16th note tremolo. Lastly, the melody fades out and a clean power chord riff fades up and plays through the last two minutes of the track. – Imbue

With the first track of the EP inspired by the soothing waves of the “Black Sea” while emanating retro-flavoured vibrations, “Tisa” and “Rhone” maintain the energy and take the journey even further with alluring soundscapes and carefully crafted minimalistic rhythms. “Meuse” closes the wax with style, offering an arrangement that’s ready to sweep the frequencies on any dancefloor with its hypnotic elements.

Drawing inspiration from our visit to Romania and Sunwaves 25, we sought to craft an EP that further explored the minimal nature of this musical style. In order to juxtapose our more melodically and harmonically rich releases, “V” emphasizes locked grooves and rhythmic melodic motifs. With that said, IMB005 still seeks to innovate the aesthetic of the modern-day minimal house, albeit in a fashion more appealing to the dance floor. – Imbue

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of V at deejay.de. What do you think about the use of live guitar and synth elements along with minimal? Let us know in the comments!


Artist: Imbue
Title: A1. Black Sea / V
Label: Imbue
Cat. number: IMB005
Release date: 17.01.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by: AndreiB, Imbue


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