Los Updates (Jorge González & Loreto Otero) “It’s Getting Late”- Tribute EP [Piros]

Los Updates (Jorge González & Loreto Otero) “It’s Getting Late”- Tribute EP [Piros]

After a successful first release dispatched by Ema Remedi, the second wax coming from the Chilean record label Piros is titled “Tribute EP” and stands as a token of deep appreciation for the great artists Jorge González & Loreto Otero aka Los Updates. The 12” features three modern edits of the classic track “It’s Getting Late” (from the album “First If You Please”, released in 2008 with Cadenza) signed by Argenis BritoJoye Mitarakis, Neik and Deadbeat.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and now living and working on several music-related projects in Berlin, Germany, Argenis Brito is a versatile producer and DJ. Passionate about music from an early age, he studied piano and performed as a singer in a boy band that was very popular in Latin America and the U.S.A. in the early 80s. He also wrote songs, played the bass and was the lead-vocalist for WAG, a project that brought him success and opened a path for even more musical adventures and collaborations. In 2002 he moves to Berlin, influenced by house and techno music, to which he starts dedicating more and more attention. After some time, a new underground sound is born, as a result of blending Latin rhythms with electronic dance music. In 2006 his first solo work “Sentidos Opuestos” is published by Junion and since then he’s been performing alongside renowned DJs and producers from all over the world. Among the imprints he worked with we count Mobilee, Nice Cat Records, The Flame, Souvenir, Get Physical, Bad Barbie Records and Melisma Limited, to name just a few. For this EP he teams-up with Joye Mitarakis, a Chilean artist on the rise. Joye also took his first steps into music when he was young but it was his first visit to Germany in 2005 which refined his tastes. Soon after he acquires his first records and starts mixing at small parties, working on his technique. From moments with friends and underground clubs, he steadily builds a name for himself and in 2009 he becomes a resident at the High End Club in Berlin. More gigs follow and he travels across Europe sharing the decks with many well-known artists. At the same time, he gets into music production, editing for Drumma and Astelaguel record labels. It was natural for him to establish Piros as a playground for his friends and talented artists worldwide.

Neik is an Argentinian producer and DJ that likes to bend sounds, bringing forward a new and vibrant vision of forward-thinking electronic dance music. A lover of art, analogue and vinyl, he composes a lot of tracks that can only be listened live, making every session and gig a unique and unrepeatable experience. He also co-manages For Club Records and his discography include working with labels like Fun Records, Vara Records, Hoarder and Tresydos.

Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat is a Canadian musician based in Berlin, known for his deep electronic and dub-infused releases. His sound is unique, incorporating various influences from glitch and ambient, to minimal and dub techno. Experimenting with creative interfaces he uses both digital and analogue inputs in order to design intricate sound patterns and rhythms, often dwelling in a very hard to define genre. His works have been published by the likes of Cynosure, Intr_version, Revolver, Scape aside from his own imprint, BLKRTZ.

A1 is the tribute edit that Argenis BritoJoye Mitarakis deliver, focusing on a strong minimal tech sound, flavoured with exotic glitched elements and micro patterns. The vocal sample comes from the original track and goes through heavy modulations and filters, to gain an eerie effect and lead the cut into a groovy dimension. Next, there’s A2 unfolding as a catchy stripped-down rhythm infused with electric vibrations. Using multiple layers of synths that morph into playful arrangements as the cut flows, Neik makes sure this one will not go unnoticed when played in a club. On Side B we find Deadbeat providing a solid dub techno re-interpretation, crafted with reverberating chords and slow-paced percussion. The original theme is blurred somewhere in the background, yet manages to be felt on a subtle level, between the ones and zeros that Scott works with.

los updates - tribute ep [piros] wax

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Artist: Los Updates (Jorge González & Loreto Otero) / Various
Title: (“It’s Getting Late”) Tribute EP
Label: Piros
Cat. number: PIROS002
Release date: 15.11.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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