premiere: Seb Selknam, HRZNTL, Harvo & Patella, Felipe Martinez – ROAMS EP [Microtonal Records]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Seb Selknam, HRZNTL, Harvo & Patella, Felipe Martinez – ROAMS EP [Microtonal Records]

The first vinyl-only release coming from the freshly founded imprint Microtonal Records showcases an inspiring blend of minimal techno, microhouse and breaks from five artists currently living in New Zealand in the form of ROAMS EP. Designed with warm, atmospheric and dark sounds, with a groove that provokes movement and thought, the vinyl pressing was made at Holiday Records, the mastering is signed by RV Audio and Memoria will assure distribution to selected record stores worldwide.

The residents of Aotearoa (the contemporary Maori-language name for New Zealand) featured here are Seb Selknam, owner of Cultrun Cult Records, doing some amazing work with Dudley Strangeways and Kaitaro, Harvo & Patella, two producers lighting up their local Christchurch scene, Felipe Martinez, who runs a lot of nights for the minimal scene and had tracks released on Fafo Records in Australia and label head HRZNTL, who in the last year warmed up for Cirkel Square and tINI and is currently working on a collaboration for the next release with Herman Saiz of Sounds of Sirius.

Microtonal Records was set up early this year by Ross Cockton aka HRZNTL in order to connect artists from the New Zealand minimal scene with the rest of the world. Their releases will arrive on both vinyl and digital formats, they will include collaborations with respected international producers, people and platforms while each material will have a launch party celebrating the hard work of everyone involved, thus creating a community around the label.

The last beat drops, the party ends and the taxi awaits. Our exclusive premiere for today, “Bosun” by HRZNTL is a reflective piece, the transition from pure adrenaline and the buzz of the rave into a lasting memory of a night spent with family and friends dancing at a castle on the hills of Barcelona. The track itself is built around a detuned dubby key which represents the emotions of ending an epic night, it is surrounded by dark and haunting stabs to add to the atmosphere and a bubbling synth which brings an optimistic reality that it’s only day one at Sonar.

Opening the album, “Astral Aura” by Seb Selknam, reveals a pure analog production, providing an instant groove from a warm bassline that sits in pure harmony with the kick to give structure to the melodic and atmospheric landscape you are led into. Minimal crisp percussion and echoing vocals add a familiar and human element to the journey as you slowly float through 8 minutes of pure bliss.

The first-ever demo sent to Microtonal HQ, “Admiral Frick” by Harvo & Patella is pure energy. Taking tribal percussion elements and combining them with acidic stabs, the cut is perfectly balanced with a wandering atmospheric pad. Here we’ll find subtle shifts between 4/4 and broken beats as it builds with syncopated snares and a beautiful unrecognisable vocal calling you deeper into the mysteries of the jungle at night. Calmness descends to create space for a powerful sweeping drone-like bass that drops you back into a hypnotic state of being.

The epitome of this release, “Introspection” by Felipe Martinez delivers a warm and atmospheric soundscape flavoured with subtle dark tones. The composition draws you in with pulsating low-end and irregular percussive stabs that float from left to right at the high-end. A soft acid synth builds and explodes like a solar flare creating an outer planetary experience. The beautifully crafted breakdown gives you time to pause, observe and contemplate, creating space to process your mental state and explore your emotions from the past, present and future.

Pre-order your copy of ROAMS EP at, or Bandcamp. The label’s launch party will take place on September 9th at Silent Studios in Auckland.

Seb Selknam on soundcloud / instagram
HRZNTL on soundcloud / instagram
Harvo on soundcloud / instagram
Patella on soundcloud / instagram
Felipe Martinez on soundcloud / instagram
Microtonal Records on soundcloud / instagram
Title/Cat.No.: ROAMS EP / MCRTNL001
Release Date/Format: TBA 2023 / Vinyl-Only

Words by: AndreiB

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