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feeder insider w/ tini

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feeder insider w/ tINI

Home is… Everywhere… I travel with my favourite pillow.
I’d never say no to… Record shopping.
I find sleep to be… Amazing.
I always carry with me… My good luck necklace.
I love… palm trees, socks with patterns, and sunglasses.
An instrument I enjoy… the drums.
A place that has a special energy… Ibiza
Daily, I check… music.
In one year I hope to be as happy as… I have been this year.
3 timeless tracks…
Maurizio M5
Gemini – elevate your fellow man
Gman – quo vadis

feeder insider with tiNI

Cristina: Hello, tINI, we’re happy to see you play in Romania soon at Sunwaves 17 and I know you’ve enjoyed your previous visits. What did you make of this place so far and what are your thoughts coming back?

tINI: Sunwaves is unlike any other festival in the world musically. For my taste, it is one of the best. Here you can hear some of the most talented DJs, playing in an environment where they feel comfortable and can really play from the heart. It has a magic that is specific to the festival and cannot be compared to.

C.: You’ve said that inside you there are ten different tINIs at least. Where do you draw your inspiration to fill in all these shoes?

tINI: I draw my inspiration from different music I find and different music I hear along my way. I also get a lot of inspiration from people that I play for and the energy that different people have and how it can affect my set. I can draw inspiration from almost anything in my daily life.

C.: When enjoying music, you get lost and time just flies by. When did you play the longest set?

tINI: At a tINI and the gang party at space Miami, I played 11 hours on the terrace and they even had to stop me, I could have played forever that day.


feeder insider with tiNI

C.: Your music travels extensively, and so do you. How do you enjoy it? What do you find interesting when travelling? How do you manage to stay close to all the new friends you constantly make?

tINI: I find it interesting meeting so many different types of people from different parts of the world. Generally when I play, I make friends and end up returning to play there again. I like to try and keep contact with people that I meet along my travels.

C.: What was nice about this year’s Coachella? How do you think it’s possible to have such a diverse lineup and a positive vibe?

tINI: The nice thing about Coachella is how respectful the party goers are. It is very clean and everyone there is having a good time. Everyone is pretty open-minded about listening to music they aren’t familiar with.

 feeder insider with tiNI

C.: I know tINI & the gang is your event series and it has 2 sound principles: the events are free, and it is dedicated to showcasing new talent. What are tINI & the gang up to this summer? Any fresh talent you will be introducing?

tINI: I will be showcasing artists that I have been interested in and listening to over the years. I like to shed light on different acts that aren’t at the forefront of the music scene. Where else to showcase this than at a free party with no expectations.

C.: You’ve been pretty close to the Romanian electronic music scene and we know you’re friends with Premiesku and Alexandra. How did this connection come about? When did you meet them?

tINI: I met the boys from Premiesku many years ago when I was touring a lot with livio & roby. Alexandra is an amazing person that I got to meet not too long ago, I find her very special.

C.: If we get back to Sunwaves 17, who are you looking forward to seeing again and maybe play back-to-back? What tINIs will you be bringing out?

tINI: Most outstanding for me was Alexandra and zip. I look forward to seeing them again this year along with Ricardo and RPR only to name a few.

Their sets at Sunwaves are completely different to anywhere else in the world and it’s really special to listen and watch.

C.: It’s wonderful we could have this talk and there’s one more thing we’re really curious about: how do you relax?

tINI: I like to get out into nature and take the sun, I really enjoy surfing. Sleep and downtempo music are other things that help me relax.

feeder insider with tiNI

Words by Cristina Popa
Resident Advisor

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