Various Artists – Our Mates EP [Real Gang]

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Various Artists – Our Mates EP [Real Gang]

After the inaugural release of RGRX 001, Real Gang Records returns with “Our Mates EP”, a Various Artists 12” that properly introduces the crew members of the newly founded imprint.

Danny Miller and Thomas Highfield aka Miffy & Miller, a British duo now living in Ibiza, Spain, are known for their releases on SlapFunk Records, In Haus Wax and recently Jack’s House Records and Leftback. They enjoy their residency at Zoo Project Ibiza playing with warm techno sounds, driving house grooves and minimalistic dubby cuts. Real Gang is a new musical adventure, one that promises to deliver more tracks on proper wax.

Dutch brothers Samuel Deep and Julian Alexander are also involved in releasing with Utrecht based SlapFunk Records, an imprint dedicated to raw house music. Perhaps is here where they met the British duo and got Real Gang started. The music they make is dynamic, incorporating various elements and sometimes they perform together under the Ingi Visions alias. While Samuel is known for his crunchy energetic sound, Julian chose a slightly more introspective form of dance music, full of depth and jazz influences.

Pat Ondebaak‘s music has been played by tINI, Enzo Siragusa, Rossko, Chad Andrew and Ittetsu, to name just a few, while labels like Infuse, Kina, Deep Tech, Draft and Rooted released his works. His style incorporates stripped-down minimalistic beats and various micropatterns that leave space in the composition, giving the listener the option to create his own groove.

On Side A Miffy & Miller present “Hunky Dory”, a raw house rhythm with a pumping percussion. Deep vocal cuts are brought to focus from time to time together with some long texture pads, adding emotions to the track’s dimension. Next we find Samuel Deep with “Aya Republik”, a grainy sound that blends house and tech elements, with modulated vocal cuts that roll with the crisp percussion layers creating a glitchy effect. On the flipside Julian Alexander‘s “Dona Sana” unfolds an acidic and wobbling composition, with an uplifting beat and a fat bassline. On the build-ups electric pads merge with long modulations and sharp effects, adding a sci-fi feel to the rhythm. Pat Ondebaak‘s cut, titled “Roman” is a minimalistic yet heavy percussive composition, with a relaxed tempo, perfect for closing this wax!

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Our Mates EP
Label: Real Gang
Cat. number: RGR001
Release date: 30.07.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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