Direkt – SKIPAUDIO 006 [Skip Audio]

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Direkt – SKIPAUDIO 006 [Skip Audio]

Spanish record label Skip Audio returns with its 6th vinyl-only release with local artist Andrei Popa aka Direkt at the controls dropping three fresh cuts while Ukrainian DJ and producer Silat Beksi takes charge of remix duties. Adding extra spice to the imprint’s catalogue, the EP follows an amazing roll-out signed by artists like Giuliano Lomonte, Viceversa, Vincent Casanova, Vern, Enivrez Vous, Dorothy’s Dream, Herck, Vlad Arapasu, Sublee, Cosmjn, as well as label heads Luciano Buscemi and Matteo Arienti aka Dubtape.

With constant activity in the studio, Direkt has been collaborating with imprints such as Room 15, UVAR, Re.Face, Jacobo Saavedra’s SVDR, Alex Font’s Third Stream, Rhanamh, Movin, Gliese, Soper Universe and Subtil, to name just a few, while recently settling for a tour that includes performances in Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Peru, Chile and Argentina, so make sure you catch him on stage.

With early support coming from the likes of Raresh, Ted Amber, Crihan, Mihai Pol, Barac, userUNKNWN, Enzo Siragusa, VincentIulian, Prichindel, Lulla, Sepp or Triptil, there’s definitely something steaming right here. Side A opens with the electric laid-back sound of “Mex”, an intricate composition that swings into a hypnotic rotation perfect for warm-up moments at any party. Following, “Freeform” dives into deep house and microhouse vibes while keeping a solid drumming arrangement at its core as well as funky synth melodies that ass extra magic to the whole journey.

On the flipside we first find the original take on “Trigger” which lays out an immersive broken beat smoothly complemented by warm and spacious background textures and the more uplifting version coming from Silat Beksi who takes the ride into a full funky reinterpretation, perfect for the dancefloor.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of SKIPAUDIO 006 at deejay.de.

Artists: Direkt, Silat Beksi
Title: SKIPAUDIO 006
Label: Skip Audio
Cat. number: SKIPAUDIO006
Release date: TBA 2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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