Various Artists – ARI006 [Ariki Records]

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various artists - ari006 [ariki records]

Various Artists – ARI006 [Ariki Records]

Humans under pressure get some of the most creative ideas and revolutionary pieces of art. We are creative beings gifted by birth with this power and most of us use it to ease the pain, uplift the Spirit and praise the Almighty Creator, who was kind enough to bestow us with the gift of Creation. The perfect example of His grace is the next release that comes from the Romanian-based record label Ariki Records owned by the music producer Oana Puciu.

This release brings forward very fresh and talented artists that felt compelled to create in order to express themselves during the lockdown and even though it was very unpleasant, it becomes almost ironic what a storm of such intensity can do to human beings. The next release is carefully curated by the label owner into a mystical sound experience with the help of 12 tracks from various artists that have different backgrounds.

From the fresh sounds of Kun Obee to experienced artists like Oana, Anderson Suek, The Dronehunters, A9000 and pe.trecere, this compilation is the perfect example of love put into music and I would definitely put everything aside and tune in to this release!

The journey starts with The Dronehunters (Atouck and DesuExSounds) who reveal a very deep chilled-out track perfect to take this mystical ride into higher perspectives with well-crafted soundscapes and atmospheres setting the pace. The following tracks are like-made for each other artists waiting to be compiled into this release.

Oana continues with “Retributie” a very deep minimalistic atmospheric creation with bouncy rhythms bound together by intelligent snares and almost like flamenco-tuned town claps meant to give a minimalistic feel to the whole track. The powerful bassline and straightforward kick hold this track together and give you the feeling of being held by a powerful force that brings restoration and retribution to all of us human beings.

Flav continues this journey with “Not Myself Again”, adding a melancholic touch to the whole with a help of piano notes reminding us how fragile all this beautiful life is.

The fourth track signed by Kun Obee, a fresh Romanian artist based in the UK, continues this spiritual journey into the very core of Creation with the “South Calling”, surprising us with this eerie flute, glitchy atmospheres and strong bassline making this perfect for the start or the ending of a night out and not only.

Robert Pislaru brings us deep into the underground with his gem “Experience of the Underworld”, making it known to us that if you have no knowledge of the dark side you will never experiment and Love the Light. With almost 11 minutes of deep dive into minimalism, this track compares to the sound of Alexi Delano and Maetrik. The trippy voice in the background keeps the track together and brings that dire dark feeling of this production alive.

A9000 takes us out of the darkness with “#3C3C3C” and paves the way for the next 7 tracks. This Argentinian artist who played alongside Ricardo Villalobos and the likes of him will make you understand very well how to bring the light to the darkness in the minimalistic side of music. This track speaks of hope and blends perfectly with the track before and what comes after.

From the crafty hands of Anderson Suek we get ”Orbis Factor”. Hailing from Brazil, this experienced DJ and producer, whose knowledge goes way back and it’s felt throughout his creation, give us the boost of light that this release needed. The church vocals put our hearts at ease with his vision, giving out a whole new perception of minimal music.

Szs and Boncalo Dennis show us what light and happiness are all about with this playful track “Glow Up”. Filled with joy through the bouncy bass and light bells, the breakbeat patterns of this cut lift you up higher to different levels of happiness.

Marco Stefano continues the journey to the end of this compilation with this perfectly crafted example of Romanian-born minimal dubbed “Zejin”. What comes next is what music is all about.

Florin Rusu gives his best with “Gesturi Proprii”, not allowing us to think of anything else but dancing. Best enjoyed with the volume up, of course!

The next collaboration track between Utip and Oana delivers this club banger in the shape of “Hyperion”, perfectly incorporating minimal and acid sounds.

Last but not least we have pe.trecere delivering this amazing vibe that ends this perfect compilation in a perfect way making us wonder what is next and hoping for joy in the day to come.

All in all, haven’t heard such an amazing blend of artists all tied together in a beautiful compilation, so put your dancing shoes on and all your worries aside and let us praise the Creator that bestowed these amazing artists with big big talent for Ariki Records together!

Grab your copy of ARI006 Various Artists compilation from Bandcamp.

Artists: Various Artists
Title: ARI006
Label: Ariki Records
Cat. number: ARI006
Release date: 29.07.2022
Format: Digital

Words by Oana and AndreiB

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