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Last updated on January 18th, 2018 at 06:52 pm

East End Dubs – Acid Cutz EP

You can spot a unique marque from a stand still, without even trying to understand why it became unique. You just know it. That also goes for East End Dubs who has curated a musical element around his persona and with a unique “East End” key and colored vinyl’s. East End Dubs is a resident for Rebel Cave at Sankeys in Ibiza. On top of that, he is promoting his Eastenderz label nights across Europe having the likes of Priku, Arapu, Lizz and East End Dubs himself headline the events.

East End Dubs latest release is entitled “Acid Cutz” and is a fierce three tracker solely focus on acidic rhythms. Hearing the EP from start to finish for the first time, you don’t sense the shuffling tracks that well. Rather, you feel as with each passing track, you enter a different acidic trip. And that is why we LOVE East End Dubs!

If You So” opens up the EP with a persistent white background noise added to the acid snippets over 4/4 house rhythms. It’s an infectious hip mover that sets the tone for the entire release. “Do Dis Ting,” adds to the composition of the track with acidic wobbles tone up the track as airy strings supplement a rushing track. Ending things off, “Fat Cut” rejoices a bass heavy oriented approach. The acidic allegory along with subtle distortions and a faded enriching vocal sample, craft a perfect recipe for a track with enormous dance floor potential.

Grab your Acid Cutz copy at deejay.de

Artist: East End Dubs
Title: Acid Cutz
Label: East End Dubs
Cat. number: EEDV010
Release date: 10.05.2017
Format: Vinyl–only

Words by: Vlad Hatze


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