premiere: Cosmic Clap – Awake [AKTA Records]

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exclusive premiere: Cosmic Clap – Awake [AKTA Records]

After three Various Artists’ compilations and Hendriks Toth‘s “Ararat EP”, French imprint AKTA Records announces “Awake EP” signed by Cosmic Clap alongside Nu Zau on remix duties to hit the shelves of various record stores around the world on the 9th of September. Established by Romain Proust back in 2019, the label previously showcased sweet minimal and microhouse music from artists like Silat Beksi, Crocodile Soup, Loxique, Ramona Yacef and Lumieux.

Lyon-based DJ and producer Cosmic Clap is well-known for his intense activity in the international electronic music scene, having numerous performances under his belt as well as amazing collaborations with labels like Leftback, Peculiar Plants, Razom, PhonicHouse1, Urban Midi Records, Dream Mode, Stash Trax and Yaklev Ryche.

The title track “Awake” opens the EP with a swinging minimal groove, stripped down to the core in order for the focus to fall on the rhythm and the elegant arrangements. The twisted percussion is enhanced by numerous glitched insertions, distorted effects and heavily modulated vocal cuts while the background layers reveal an eerie atmosphere as tension steadily builds up.

The other tracks are equally engaging, keeping to the minimalistic sound of A1 and expanding on the journey in different ways. “Tropical Twin” drops a wobbling shaker flavoured with warm elements and subtle reverberating melodies while “Incantations” explores a rather abstract perspective, being guided by mysterious mantras enhanced by spacious breakdowns, dark overtones and haunting textures. Nu Zau‘s Remix of B1 takes the original into a techy dimension, adding more elements to the drumming, raising the tempo a bit and serving the vocal samples with a warping effect.

Pre-order your copy of Awake EP at, or Juno Records.

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AKTA Records
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Title: A1. Awake / Awake EP / AKR05
Release Date: 09.09.2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by: AndreiB

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