Silat Beksi – Holotype EP

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silat beksi - holotype ep

Silat Beksi – Holotype EP

Ukrainian DJ and producer Silat Beksi drops “Holotype EP” on his official Bandcamp page, bringing forward a steaming 5-tracker designed with equally driving and immersive minimal techno and microhouse grooves designed with his fingerprint sound. The material was recorded during challenging times in the past few months, with the country facing major power outages, daily rocket attacks and numerous other problems sparked by the ongoing war and stands as a statement for the transcendental powers of music, culture and love.

Blending both traditional and contemporary elements in order to create unique soundscapes, Silat Beksi is well-known for his innovative approach to music production and mixing, always delivering a distinctive and genre-defying sound. Throughout time, he collaborated with leading labels in the global underground music scene constantly delivering memorable releases, including the ones dispatched via his own playground Modeight as well as those featured on our website published by imprints such as Vivus Records, Tied, Bread And Butter Recordings, Third Stream, Particular and Unic.

Over the past three months I’ve been able to work in the studio and create a new EP. The infrastructure of our country is very damaged by the daily rocket attacks, there is no electricity on average 8-10 hours a day, the internet does not always work because of the weak batteries that power the towers. So we have to work in “Spartan” conditions. It is impossible to plan or allocate a certain number of hours that it will take to find an idea and bring it to life. Sometimes such a descent can be very fast and abrupt and literally in half a day you can form the basic idea and shape it into a more or less decent sound. There is a benefit to this, it is the ultimate concentration and optimization of all processes. In a way, it’s a great skill! But creativity doesn’t tolerate haste, it requires deep immersion, lightness and freedom in action. Nothing lasts forever and one day it will end or at least take on a new form.

Silat Beksi (fragment)

The EP kicks off with “Crisp Mass”, a solid dancefloor banger smoothly crafted with a driving rhythm, solid bassline variations and trippy complementary layers that swing through the frequencies with style. Following, the title track “Holotype” reveals a deep house extravaganza designed with mellow pads, warm textures and groovy drumming patterns.

Next up, “Sounds like a plan” drops a rumbling sound infused with compact drums that slowly make room for spacious background themes and carefully crafted breakdowns that create a hypnotic effect. It’s easy to get lost in the sound on this one or start daydreaming in seconds.

“The Wild Machine” switches gears back to a more pumping technoid dimension where wobbling electric vibes merge with bright pads, dubby moments and mysterious vocal samples while the closing cut “Fog” concludes the whole journey in harmony with everything, making this material a must-have for collectors and selectors alike!

Grab your copy of Holotype EP from Bandcamp.

Artists: Silat Beksi
Title: Holotype EP
Release date: 03.02.2023
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB

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