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Silat Beksi &Daniel Broesecke - Mistral EP

Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 05:08 am

Silat Beksi & Daniel Broesecke – Mistral EP

The Vivus family ends 2018 in style with its fifth instalment in the vinyl-only series VRV. This release brings back some familiar faces in label founder Daniel Broesecke and an old friend Silat Beksi.

These two close friends who share their passion for music are fresh off their release on Curtea Veche back in September, but they bring some raw energy on this one, resulting in timeless and hypnotic music from two creative young artists.

The first track, Mistral, starts as loud as you would expect from its name, deriving from the cold northwesterly wind that blows from the south of France to the northern Mediterranean. The heavy bassline floats just above the surface as a cool breeze of atmospheric sounds makes their way across.

Next up, on the B side, we have to Get Some More, with a calmer approach but compelling nonetheless. A fantastic vocal greets us at the beginning only to make way for a steady flow of constant intertwined noises that go hand in hand with the firm bass line just underneath.

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Artists: Silat Beksi, Daniel Broesecke
Title: Mistral
Label: Vivus Records
Cat. number: VRV05
Release date: 30.01.2019
Format: Vinyl-only



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  1. […] Silat Beksi started mixing in 2003 and released his first album with Mulen Records in 2014, after exploring music production in depth for a couple of years. Throughout time, he collaborates with MOFF, Baile Musik, Pleasure Zone, Moral Fiber, Body Parts, Jelly Beast Limited, Vivus Records, Curtea Veche and Tzinah, to name a few. As a DJ he’s dedicated to spinning only vinyl while as a producer he brings forward amazing sounds, made to lose oneself on any dancefloor. He’s also the head of Modeight Records, a personal musical playground that enjoys worldwide support, with a catalogue signed by artists like Durrrred, Olivian Nour, Svet, Incolor and Paul K, amongst others. […]

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