Silat Beksi – Special Edition EP [Bread And Butter Recordings]

Silat Beksi - Special Edition EP [Bread And Butter Recordings] 01

Silat Beksi – Special Edition EP [Bread And Butter Recordings]

After dispatching four Various Artists compilations since its inception in 2018, London-based label Bread And Butter Recordings returns with its fifth instalment in the catalogue, this time showcasing a solo performance by Ukrainian artist Silat Beksi. Titled “Special Edition EP”, the record delivers an uplifting minimal sound while adding extra spice to an already amazing discography that features tracks from artists like DoubtingThomas, Rowlanz, Direkt, Sublee, Vern, Piktor, Miroloja, Triptil, Herck, Teluric and Macarie, among others.

Silat Beksi definitely needs no introduction as he’s one of the most prolific artists in the international electronic music community. With countless vinyl and digital releases, unique collaborations and steaming performances under his belt, the head chef of Modeight Records surely stands out as one of the most acclaimed talents in Europe’s underground scene.

Side A kicks off with “Just Play It”, a warm steady-paced groover carefully flavoured with crispy percussion, hefty short pads and floating textures all rolling into an ever-evolving composition perfect for summer selections. Next up, “Hero Suit” takes the vibe into cosmic dimensions, unleashing an uptempo atmosphere designed with alluring reverberating chords, tight drumming patterns, fairytale synths and overprocessed vocals that call for a dance. Side B is reserved for “Jungle Meditation”, a more hypnotic yet equally engaging cut designed with twisted effects and mysterious background arrangements, best-fitted for late-night affairs. Highly recommended!

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Special Edition EP at

Artists: Silat Beksi
Title: Special Edition EP
Label: Bread And Butter Recordings
Cat. number: BBR005
Release date: TBA 2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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