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Silat Beksi – Naga EP [Unic]

Australian label Unic returns with another hot wax titled “Naga EP” delivered by Ukrainian artist Silat Beksi. The 12” features three original cuts designed with intricate minimalistic patterns and groovy rhythms. Early support comes from the likes of Nu Zau, Prichindel and Mantra Collective. The EP stands as a solid argument for the imprint’s unique vision on modern electronic dance music, backed-up by releases provided by RQZ, Dragutesku and Bryz, until now. Running a podcast series as well, Unic invites well-known artists to create memorable musical journeys in the form of engaging selections, diving in a vast sonic universe.

Silat Beksi started mixing in 2003 and released his first album with Mulen Records in 2014, after exploring music production in depth for a couple of years. Throughout time, he collaborates with MOFF, Baile Musik, Pleasure Zone, Moral Fiber, Body Parts, Jelly Beast Limited, Vivus Records, Curtea Veche and Tzinah, to name a few. He’s dedicated to releasing only on vinyl while as a producer he brings forward amazing sounds, made to lose oneself on any dancefloor. He’s also the head of Modeight Records, a personal musical playground that enjoys worldwide support, with a catalogue signed by artists like Durrrred, Olivian Nour, Svet, Incolor and Paul K, amongst others.

Side A features the title track, “Naga”, a breakbeat infused cut that rolls with a steady balanced sound and whirling effects and synths. There are a lot of layers that come in and out of focus, all creating a surreal dimension. A heavy modulated vocal sample adds to the story while the track builds tension through various pattern changes.

On Side B we find “Rush” and “Pictor A”, two intricate and complex minimalistic compositions, with wobbling basslines and rich textures sweeping the frequencies. A groovy feeling is embedded into the tracks, proving the artist’s versatility as a music maker and as one of the most forward-thinking artists in the scene.

silat beksi - naga ep [unic] back

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Artist: Silat Beksi
Title: Naga EP
Label: Unic
Cat. number: UNIC003
Release date: 06.05.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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