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DRG Series - DRGS002

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The mystery continues to evolve as Romanian imprint DRG Series release their second 12″, adding two more fresh cuts to their growing catalogue. It was six months ago when we first laid our ears on DRGS001 and soaked up those incredible sounds. A heady combination of deep, undulating basslines and syncopated breakbeat drum programming. This latest instalment still retains the same crisp and intuitive production aesthetic of the first, whilst experimenting with new sonic inspirations. Undeniably a release that is bursting with intoxicating rhythmic flow and stunning vocal elements. All the hints point to a seasoned producer who knows his craft, but then again it’s the music that does the talking here. 

Straight into the A side and we find ‘#DRGS02A‘… an organic minimalist house groove that moves with a slow but steady purpose. A female singer calls out in Spanish, her emotional tones rising and falling over a bed of soft guitar strums. The strings here keep the track light and airy, dancing amongst sharp hi-hat and snare flurries as electronic bleeps and water-like sounds colour the frequency spectrum. Delicate and refined, this track immediately captivates with its perfect blend of soulful Latin American vocals and Romanian minimal aesthetics. A triumph of sonic integration.

Onto the B side and we melt into a paced rhythmic journey on cut ‘#DRGS02B‘. The track is spirited into motion by a jaunty bassline motif and the swift pitter patter of hi-hats, setting the stage for a bristling combination of stirring vocal lines and muffled trumpet tones. Again a female vocalist leads the track, her fervent words gliding over tonal trumpet notes and hushed piano strokes. There’s a pensive energy at work here, as all elements give way to her vocal crescendo during the break, her words tugging on your heart with their melancholic aura. A truly mesmerizing cut that will wow listeners with its emotive qualities.

Elegant sounds.

Words by Hendrik [Unic]


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