feeder sound LIVE with Unisson [Own Productions]

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feeder sound LIVE 🔴 with Unisson [Own Productions]

On October 16th, the online vernissage of the Street Art Bucharest exhibition brought together SANDi and Unisson for a 2h live performance that mixed live painting with the duo’s own productions set. The concept presents the results of the cultural programme aimed at activating public spaces in Romania’s capital city neighbourhoods through art, including award-winning works from the open calls. Located in the outdoor space of Lente urban living room, the exhibition was accessible to street art enthusiasts and passers-by from 15 to 23 October 2021. Now, it’s time to enjoy the music and find out more!

feeder sound LIVE with Unisson reveals an inspiring selection of the duo’s own productions, some released, some not yet, that will definitely get you into that special weekend mood. Check out the exclusive premieres of “Agatha Poison“, “Mindless Is More“, “Tanz Mania” and “Paramount” in order to get in touch with Alex & Nicolae’s vibes, tracks that have been played by many well-known DJs, released through their own label UNS Records. They also collaborated with Raw Crafted Wax, Mulen and miNIMMAl movement, always delivering top-quality sounds. You can also watch the live transmission here and discover more by exploring the playlist.

Here is a short video that presents some of the results of the Street Art Bucharest program, the first edition of the publication and the five artistic interventions made together with Pisica Pătrată, Serebe, Romb, Iluc and Ortaku, in public spaces in the Bucharest neighbourhoods. The works are hosted by the Bucharest Metropolitan Library, Special Gymnasium School Nr. 9, Bucharest National Dance Center and The Institute (Combinatul Fondului Plastic).

The 2nd edition of the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book is now available in our online shop. Grab your copy now and enjoy 100 pages, 15 cities, 8 maps, 100 local and international artists, 200 places to visit and 350 photos with murals in Romania.

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Words by AndreiB

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