premiere: VENDi – Happ (Suciu Remix) [CULT.Beat]

VENDi - Happ Remix [CULT Beat] 001

feeder sound exclusive premiere: VENDi – Happ (Suciu Remix) [CULT.Beat]

The first vinyl pressing to soon arrive from the Ukrainian electronic music venture CULT.Beat invites French DJ and producer VENDi to deliver a taste of his latest sonic visions in the form of “Happ EP”. Backed up by Suciu on remix duties and having included a collaborative track with Osvit, one of the label’s main residents and managers, the record lays out a seductive cosmic sound infused with dark tones and low-slung minimal grooves perfect for dimly lighted dancefloors worldwide.

Based in Odessa, CULT.Beat is a cultural project that captivated an intelligent and beautiful club audience through evenings dedicated to art and music, blending art-house movies with immersive techno and experimental sounds. With over 50 events, international collaborations and its own record label, the outlet is always pushing boundaries and nurturing creativity, standing out as a portal to an uncharted future where innovation and artistic expression converge and evolve.

“Happ EP delivers unconditional resonance with dark matter. Enveloping air vibrations consist of gentle crunching, cosmic sounds, wind howling, explosions and some haunted squeaks or voices, whether robots or unidentified creatures invite us into a world of perfect darkness.”


While the original take on “Happ” lays out a stripped-down minimal rhythm smoothly complemented by eerie atmospheres and quirky arrangements that constantly build tension without ever releasing it, Suciu‘s reinterpretation surely delivers just that, as the drumming patterns take hold and the whole journey becomes a hypnotic descent into mysterious sonic affairs.

With releases on Pressure Traxx, Altiorem, Tooloop, La Clap, Body Parts, Vade Mecum, Sofiamuzik and Margate, among others, Suciu is one of Romania’s finest talents who brought finesse beyond track selection, taking it a step further and creating immersive experiences for everyone.

On the B-Side we find “No Backwards” and “Francua” with Osvit, two tracks that dive deep into broken beats, syncopated measures, alluring basslines, twisted effects, haunting pads and chilling textures. As an accomplished musician coming from an artistic family, VENDi explores various types of music, from classical music to jazz, indie rock, alternative, ambient and movie soundtracks, drawing inspiration from everything around him. Over the past three years, he released music on labels like Hoxton, Body Parts, Silver Network, Sleep Is Commercial, What Now Becomes, Uzvar, Subtil and Ultrastretch. In 2019 he launched his own playground Black Sketch Records.

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Title/Cat.No.: Happ EP / CBV001
Release Date/Format: 05.06.2023 / Vinyl-only

Words by: AndreiB

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