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MID Studio is the personal project of Tânia Filipa, a very talented graphic designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. The venture was launched back in 2013 and focuses on exploring minimal art with every design being very carefully calculated and generated. Lines, circles, triangles and squares are always part of the creative process and are always used in order to create inspiring geometric patterns that connect to each concept through the beauty they hold within their simplicity and expressiveness.

Tânia‘s work embodies her abstract vision and all the projects she undertakes are approached with passion, dedication and originality, applying meticulous detail and skill. Extending to the field of brand identity, packaging solutions and digital experiences everything comes down to simple, objective and catchy outcomes. Her interest in electronic music also brought her a lot of collaborations with numerous artists and imprints all over the world, designing intricate artworks for digital album covers and vinyl records. Among the releases that feature her layouts, we find music signed by Heizer, Kurt Baggaley, Alex Harmony, F.ich, The Soul Architect, Oresm, Plusculaar, Francesco Bonora, Dubfound, iO (Mulen), Terrence Parker, Dub Capsule and Vinyl Speed Adjust, to name only a few.


In 2017 she participated with three proposals in our Open Call for designing a new logo and visual identity for the Capitol Summer Theater in a participative effort to reactivate the establishment through multidisciplinary processes, investigating its history, questioning its state and potential for the future.

Given the current lockdown measures proposed by governments worldwide, independent artists have been affected in their line of work and had to think about new strategies and options. Here’s what Tânia has to say about this:

feeder: What impact does this situation have on your projects?

Tânia: In terms of design projects it has been slower than usual. In terms of flyer events, it has been null but I have received a few digital EP requests. I was already expecting this kind of decline since January. The important thing now is to stay positive and think about ways to regain vitality for the future.

feeder: What measures have you taken?

Tânia: I have been focusing more on the other side of things. I have been looking for projects to contact and pitch about the work I have been doing when normal activity is back on track. Searching for projects to partner up with regarding apparel and posters are also on my agenda.

We invite you to find out more about MID Studio‘s activity from the website and Facebook page.


Combine colours and enjoy yourself as when we were children while staying at home. Here‘s a package of drawings provided by your favourite artists for you to colour! Also, let us know what you think about MID Studio‘s designs in the comment section below!


Words by: AndreiB 
Images by: © Tânia Filipa / MID Studio


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