feeder sound exclusive premiere: AK41 (Kozo & Dan Andrei) – Ghetto Update

AK41 - Ghetto Update 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: AK41 (Kozo & Dan Andrei) – Ghetto Update

Joining the flow of digital releases sparked by the quarantine measures undertaken by the authorities here in Romania we see two of the most influential DJs and producers of the local scene, Kozo and Dan Andrei, joining forces once again under the AK41 alias in order to deliver a solid album on Bandcamp.

Titled “Clap if you miss your hat”, the material brings forward a collection of 10 tracks spanning a decade, recorded in different locations using a wide range of setups and hardware. The mastering was provided by Vlad Caia who’s widely known for his collaboration with Cristi Cons for the SIT project, Amorph, and Amphia record label. The artwork is signed by Andra Anastasia, a very talented visual artist based in Bucharest.

Kozo is one of the pioneers of the Romanian electronic music scene with an activity spanning for more than 15 years, time in which he performed at numerous parties and festivals and dispatched a large number of productions through top record labels, including Melliflow, Pressure Traxx, Draganenii and Zimbru. He’s also the co-founder of the renowned imprint Understand alongside Cezar and Praslea, while his own works and collaborative projects expand into a very diverse universe of aliases such as Kozonak, Dr. Kozo, Ooodjkoz, Sahau and Eu și cu ăsta.

Dan Andrei is yet another refreshing presence in the scene, always being able to deliver engaging selections and productions for the people. His sound incorporates influences from rock, hip-hop, soul, funk and trip-hop while his discographic history involves publishers like [a:rpia:r], Be Chosen, Kurbits Records and Amphia.

💥 Let’s dive in deep into the album starting with the opening track “Ghetto Update” exclusively on feeder sound:

Designed with a strong warping bassline in focus, resonant background frequencies, eerie synth arrangements and breakbeat-influenced drumming, the cut reveals an immersive sound, perfect for dim lightened dancefloors. The breakdown leaves enough space for the spiralling effects to be heard more clearly while the modulated vocal samples add even more depth to the whole journey.

From driving compositions to abstract rhythms, trippy patterns, ambient soundscapes and intricate layering, this release has it all so we invite you to personally discover each and every track while being able to directly support the duo on Bandcamp. Enjoy!


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Artist: AK41 (Kozo & Dan Andrei)
Title: Ghetto Update
Label: self-released
Release Date: 09.04.2020
Format: Digital


Words by: AndreiB


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