Unisson – Neverending Story EP [feeder sound]

Unisson - Neverending Story EP [feeder sound] 01

Our latest viny-only release signed by Unisson will be available in selected record shops worldwide starting on the 23rd of August!

The fifth pressing to arrive soon from our feeder sound record label features Romanian duo Unisson, well-known for their releases with Raw Crafted Wax, Mulen, miNIMMAl movement and their own UNS Records. Titled “Neverending Story EP”, the record provides a solid sound, crafted with intricate minimalistic and breakbeat rhythms, introspective textures and electric effects, perfect for the dancefloor. The artwork for the vinyl features SANDi’s painting created alongside the duo’s performance on one of feeder sound’s LIVE sessions last year, an event that also acted as the online vernissage for the Street Art Bucharest exhibition.

Alex Draghici and Nicolae Teodorescu have been our guests numerous times, always showcasing fresh tracks, inspiring sets and their latest productions. Since the project stepped onto the scene in 2019, Unisson‘s music has been played and supported by prominent figures in the international electronic music community, such as Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea, Arapu, Suciu and Sepp, among others. It’s definitely a pleasure to see them joining the roster here at feeder sound, alongside Dragutesku, Piktor, Oana and Bucurie.

“Neverending” opens Side A with a twisted groove designed with reverberated drumming patterns, a wobbling bassline and hypnotic arpeggios that blend into an organic flow that’s smoothly complemented by warm background pads and subtly glitched layers.

Following, “If I was a drummer” switches gears to a somewhat different sound, revealing a deeper composition that draws influences from jazz and funk for the percussion, bringing an engaging broken beat to the table along with inspiring minimalistic themes and arrangements.

On Side B the journey sets off with “City Zen”, a rather downtempo-oriented cut infused with eerie vocal samples and lush atmospheric textures and chords. The progressive evolution seems perfect for the after-hours and laid-back afternoon selections.

Closing the EP, “Hemp Made” returns to a more uplifting tempo, laying out a spiralling breakbeat that leads echoing complementary elements and eerie synth work into a complex and steady-paced dancefloor tool.

Grab your copy of Neverending Story EP at deejay.de, Disco Piu, freestyle(名古屋)Juno RecordsRedeye RecordsTrenta 3 giri.

Artist: Unisson
Title: Neverending Story EP
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO005
Release date: 23.08.2022
Format: Vinyl-only
Mastering: Vlad Caia (Amphia)

Artwork: SANDi
Photography: Petre Ghiocel
Cover: Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovițan

P&D: Vinyl Future

All rights reserved © 2022, Save or Cancel

Words by AndreiB

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