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2021 Record stores FSRO003 - Oana - transmisiune Intergalactica [feeder sound]

Oana – Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [feeder sound] is out, and you can find a few copies at some of the most interesting record shops around the world.

We want to begin this article with a big thank you to all our readers and followers; you really motivate us to keep this journey into electronic music up and running. Another big thank goes out to the amazing record shops that added our new release to their selections: Something Else Records,, HHV, Akt Records, Disco Più, freestyle(名古屋), Technique Tokyo(テクニーク), Redeye records, ColdCuts // HotWax & Juno Records. It is nice to see that we share the same passion for underground electronic music with many people worldwide.

Creating a record label and space where we can release particular sounds that capture the current moment was a secret plan for many years, and when we heard the proper tracks, we moved forward and pressed them on vinyl. In a short time, both releases with Dragutesku and Piktor were sold out, and DJs across the world were playing the tracks at major events and festivals. Only a few copies with Piktor are available at some collectors on Discogs, and the prices are skyrocketing.

We invite you to discover a selection of unusual tracks composed by Oana for the third feeder sound release, each with a different and particular story. The tracks are printed on 180g red colour vinyl, and Pheek mastered the sound for a perfect balance.

There are 280 copies scattered around the world, so you have to act fast and get your copy until they run out of stock.

Australia 🇦🇺 (AU)

Something Else Records | 488 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

“Striped back intergalactic minimal. Ro-minimal label transports you into space with this drugged-out ep.”

Something Else Records

France 🇫🇷 (FR)

Total Record | 7 rue Durand, 34000 Montpellier, France

Germany 🇩🇪 (DE) | Hofer Str. 32, 95182 Döhlau, Germany | Grünberger Str. 54, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Hungary 🇭🇺 (HU)

Aktrecords | Ó utca 35., Budapest-1066, Hungary

Italy 🇮🇹 (IT)

Disco Piu

Disco Più | Via Flaminia, 393d, 47924 Rimini, Italy

Japan 🇯🇵 (JP)


Technique Tokyo(テクニーク) | 33-14 Udagawachō, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0042, Japan

“ルーマニアン・ミニマル・ハウス!ヴァイナル・オンリー!DraguteskuPiktorもさんかするルーマニアはブカレストを拠点の期待の新レーベルFeeder Soundから、Ariki Recordsを主宰するOanaがニュー・シングルをリリース!洗練されたミニマリズムとクールなリズムを軸にアーティスティックなサウンドを生み出したモダン・テックハウス!他とは一歩抜ける非常にエクペリメンタルなアプローチが展開された一枚です!!”
[EN] “Romanian minimal house! Vinyl only! Romania, which also has Dragutesku and Piktor, has released a new single from Bucharest-based new label Feeder Sound, by Ariki Records founder Oana! A modern tech house that creates artistic sounds centred on sophisticated minimalism and cool rhythms! This is a piece with a very experimental approach that is one step ahead of the others! !”

Technique Tokyo(テクニーク)

Romania 🇷🇴 (RO)

Misbits | Str. Fainari, 43A, Bucharest, Romania

“Wow, with great, great Joy, I can announce my ever first Vinyl record. After 11 years of work, I finally reap the fruit of my labour. With the great support from, who has been with me on this journey from almost my beginnings!

I feel humbled by the news of this being out on the 17th of June on!

What a great birthday gift to me! The universe is magic! 

Here is my Galactic Transmission filled with Love and gratitude for all that music has done for me ever since I was born! The artwork is done by Livi Po and mixing and mastering by Pheek, plus the vinyl is the red colour of passion!

Love you all!!”


The United Kingdom 🇬🇧 (UK)

ColdCuts // HotWax

Juno Records

“The third 12″ on Romanian electronic music website Feeder‘s offshoot label comes courtesy of Ariki Records founder – and producer on the rise – Oana Maria Puciu. Her tracks tend towards the atmospheric and wonky, in keeping with the now-renowned minimal techno sound that has long been popular in Romania. We’re particularly enjoying A-side ‘Transmisiune Intergalactica’, which is dark and intoxicating in equal measure thanks to moody chords, dark aural textures and a hypnotic, intricately programmed groove. Over on the flip, ‘Conexiuni Astrale’ is an even more wonderfully wayward affair – all Villalobos style drums, deep bass, jazz cymbals and weirdo bleeos, while ‘Holograma’ sees Puciu add leftfield stabs and dubbed-out electronic motifs to a formidably skewed groove.”

Juno Records

Redeye records

You can also check out the fresh listings on: Discogs

Oana – “Transmisiune Intergalactică” is composed and designed in Romania. The release is pressed in Germany and distributed exclusively by Vinyl Future.

Massive thanks to Decoded magazine, and Verzila for support!

Artist: Oana
Title: Transmisiune Intergalactică EP
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO003
Country: Romania
Release date: 17.06.2021
Format: Vinyl-only / 180g / Red coloured vinyl
Mastering: Pheek (Mix & mastering)

Artwork: Livi Po
Photography: Petre Fall (VJ VLC)
Cover: Cristina Popa & Andrei Racovițan

P&D: Vinyl Future

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