feeder sound 315 mixed by First For Nieto

feeder sound 315 mixed by First For Nieto

This Friday we invite Colombian artist First For Nieto to contribute to our ongoing podcast series with a deep and introspective steady-paced journey crafted with his own productions only.

Santiago Nieto aka First For Nieto is a 26 years old music producer and sound engineer from Bogotá, Colombia, who started his journey in music at a very young age, singing and playing the guitar. When he was 17 he got to know the underground music scene of his hometown, going to parties as a raver and falling in love with house music. His first approach to crate-digging and having electronic music as a career was listening to Traumer, Mihai Popoviciu and James Dexter, whose works will become a huge influence for his own productions.

Right now he has over 80 personal compositions on the market released in collaboration with labels like Welter, PhonicHouse1 Records, Psicodelica, Conceptual, Kootz, Nada Espacial, Microdelights, Late Night Munchies, Beachside Records, Ruem, Hollow Lab and Bandet, among others. He also recently launched his own platform First For Music, having three EPs in the catalogue, as well as Ambrosia Records with six various artists compilations that gather rising and established artists from all over the world.

“I’ve been making music for about 4 years now and since the start I’d never consider myself a DJ, I’m a producer, what I love about this music is creating it. But there is a point in an artist’s career where you got to the point you have your own sound, your own language and in that point you have a responsibility to you and to the world to share that language and communicate with them through it. I feel that I’m at that point, I’ve found my sound and the productions techniques that let me place what I feel on the dancefloor into a music piece, so it’s time to share it and there is no better way that with a 100% own productions session with one of the most important magazines on the scene as Feeder.”

First For Nieto

feeder sound 315 mixed by First For Nieto will definitely give anyone a solid insight into his musical universe, laying a groovy and organic sonic path for the listeners to follow. From steady-paced microhouse cuts to driving minimalistic rhyuthms and breakbeat-infused compositions, this session has it all, so better adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride with the volume up!

First For Nieto – Mérida (First For Music)
First For Nieto – Nustafa ( First For Music )
First For Nieto, NiNt – Schizo (Pleasure In Mind Records)
First For Nieto – 19 (+57)
First For Nieto – Mohan (Welter)
First For Nieto – Senil (Nada Espacial)
First For Nieto – El Cuartico De San Alejo (Bandet Records)
First For Nieto – Chibchacum (Welter)
Walter Albini – How I Feel (First For Nieto Remix) (Kootz)

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First For Nieto on facebook | soundcloud
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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