premiere: Knyazev – Hair Of The Dog [Ambrosia Records]

Knyazev - Hair Of The Dog [Ambrosia Records] 01

exclusive premiere: Knyazev – Hair Of The Dog [Ambrosia Records]

Barcelona-based Ambrosia Records returns with Russian artist Knyazev at the controls delivering “Hair Of The Dog EP” alongside Ghertz and label head Nieto on remix duties. With great attention to detail and love for the underground, the Spanish imprint previously released amazing music signed by artists like Q’uwa, Eraseland, Jack Cheler, Firesc, Esteban De Haro, Luminescu and Havvoc, among many others.

Based in Rostov-on-Don in the Russian Federation, Knyazev is known for his releases and collaborations with MixCult, Ly Abby Records, Not Allowed, Utro, P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records, minim.all, THANQ, True Deep, Sintoniza, Indica Label, Report, WAPM Records, Deep Tech Lab, Soblazn Music and Conceptual Deep, to name just a few.

“Hair Of The Dog. Sometimes a beer or a glass of white wine is the best cure for a hangover. It’s no coincidence that Knyazev’s latest work on Ambrosia Records has this title, the track is perfect for the afterhours, to cure that hangover from the root and let the dancefloor have a groovy cooldown. A hypnotic bassline with catchy melodies, deep pads and textures evolving into meditational state breakdowns.”

Ambrosia Records

The title track “Hair Of The Dog” opens the EP with a steady-paced minimal sound, flavoured with warm and spacious background atmospheres, groovy chords and shuffling hi-hats that can make anyone start dancing in seconds while completely immersing themselves in the music. Ghertz’s Remix follows up with an equally energetic journey, keeping to the deep mood while adding extra layers like a mysterious vocal sample and subtle, reverberating effects. Next up, “Overhead The Albatross” drops a twisted tale, powered by breakbeat rhythms and playful electric tones. Nieto’s Remix closes the EP with style, rendering a deep and techy vibe enhanced by a grouching bassline, distorted vocals and a catchy four-to-the-floor approach to the beat. Listen to the snippets below.

Grab your copy of Hair Of The Dog EP from Bandcamp.

Knyazev on soundcloud / instagram / bandcamp
Ambrosia Records on soundcloud / instagram / bandcamp
Title: Hair Of The Dog EP / AMB012
Release/ Format: 29.08.2022 / Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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