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The second feeder sound LIVE stream event delivers female girl power as Oana and Livi Po join their creative forces to delight electronic music enthusiasts and art lovers alike. 

On August 28th our base of operations hosted yet another live transmission with visual artist Livi Po letting her imagination run free on the canvas while Oana displayed her creativity behind the decks, providing an inspiring selection for the session. Time to enjoy the full 2h set on our soundcloud page!

Oana is well-known for her lively adventures and travels around the world, always spreading the good vibes around wherever she goes or performs. From Romania to Europe and Asia, she enjoys life and music equally, being inspired by all things that come her way. In 2016 she founded Ariki Records and dispatched a solid first release in the form of a Various Artists compilation which included tracks signed by herself, Zgarie Disc, Katu, Dragusanu and Akseltone amongst other artists. Last year, a second EP was published, this time with the notorious Red Pig Flower being the one behind the release. Aside from this, her personal works were brought forward by imprints like Quanticman, Deck 1264 Records, Deep Square Berlin, Natural Rhythm, Ensis Black and Dinsubsol Records.

Recently, she announced the release of her first LP titled “22 Album” to be dispatched through OVUNQVE, as well as a proper label night party scheduled for February 2020 in Bucharest.

“I use music as therapy which means I connect to the source which unites us all, from where I send out peace, happiness and high vibes, LOVE.” – Oana

feeder sound LIVE with Oana kicks in with some serious minimalistic and quirky rhythms and slowly builds tension, going for more uplifting frequencies as the selection graciously flows. Infused with deep house, dub and trip-hop edits, the mix gains an otherworldly dimension, with the ending speaking about the power of love.

In what way do you think that travelling would influence your tastes in music? There are a lot of amazing cultures out there… Let us know in the comments!

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Words by AndreiB

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