10 most listened feeder sound podcasts

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Here are the 10 most listened feeder sound podcasts of this year. Dive in with the volume up!

Signed by established and rising artists from all over the world, the recordings brought forward so far by our ongoing podcast series since 2014 sum up to 336 titles and countless hours of listening. Among all these, 45 entries are from this year alone, starting with Alpha Bite‘s live set and ending with the latest selection delivered by Russian artist Swetlana Dmitriewskaya. For New Year’s Eve, we have Puxumos ready to deliver an inspiring mix for you to enjoy at your party, so make sure you stick around for the goodies.

From well-known tracks to unreleased productions and live improvisations, the list below incorporates all the juicy stuff that has been making waves on the dancefloors lately, so enjoy and stay tuned for more!

10. feeder sound 309 mixed by Anaid

feeder sound 309 mixed by Anaid

An intriguing narrative that twists and turns through various shades of minimal, microhouse, ambient, breaks and mysterious personal touches. The transitions provide an organic flow of energy, elegantly incorporating all the deep flavours needed for this recording to take you on an inspiring journey for the mind, body and spirit.

9. feeder sound 318 mixed by Manefiu

feeder sound 318 mixed by Manefiu 01

The mix was recorded at a private event in Bucharest earlier this year and delivers both energetic and deep flavours of house and techno-driven rhythms, perfect to start your weekend with.

8. feeder sound 306 mixed by Jacobo Saavedra

feeder sound 306 mixed by Jacobo Saavedra 01

A dynamic journey through various shades of house, deep house, microhouse and minimal techno. From straight engaging and hypnotic rhythms to spacious moments, this 2h ride will definitely get your groove on.

7. feeder sound 310 mixed by Friz07

feeder sound 310 mixed by Friz07 01

The mix sets off with a deep incursion into minimal realms and slowly progresses into more uplifting sounds that include tech-house, breakbeat and twisted electronica, providing a balanced and driving journey at the same time.

6.feeder sound 294 mixed by Ramona Yacef

feeder sound 294 mixed by Ramona Yacef [Lescale Recordings] 01

An uplifting selection that incorporates various shades of house, microhouse, minimal and breaks. You can also hear some personal works elegantly included in the organic flow of the set, empowering a solid narrative that starts with uptempo rhythms and ends with downtempo compositions.

5. feeder sound 331 mixed by CVO

feeder sound 331 mixed by CVO 01

Mysteriously dubbed “Walking Through Secret Gardens”, this set reveals an immersive and groovy selection that organically and seamlessly flows through various shades of house and techno rhythms.

4. feeder sound 327 mixed by Paul K

feeder sound 327 mixed by Paul K 01

An introspective and engaging selection elegantly crafted with raw and groovy minimal cuts that will definitely make your body move and your mind start wondering

3. feeder sound 293 mixed by Nima Gorji

feeder sound 293 mixed by Nima Gorji 01

An immersive selection that incorporates smooth deep house vibes, uplifting microhouse and groovy minimal techno rhythms, all organically connected in order to provide a balanced and driving sound.

2. feeder sound 332 mixed by Priku

feeder sound 332 mixed by Priku-01

Groovy, deep and inspiring rhythms are at the essence of this recording. Here’s one of the most influential artists of the minimal movement worldwide, juggling with the decks at Gradina Monteoru venue in Bucharest.

1. feeder sound 313 mixed by Nerve Maze

feeder sound 313 mixed by Nerve Maze

The mix reveals an intricate labyrinth of sounds that reflects a breezy afterhours vibe, like when the Sun shines with power yet the wind in the trees and the spiralling shades are smoothly complemented by stripped-down rhythms and textures. Everything you need to get your groove on!

Here is a playlist with all the podcasts so you can enjoy good electronic music for hours 🔮

2021 also saw the release of two EPs coming from our viny-only venture, “Transmisiune Intergalactică” by Oana and “Mirror Time” by Bucurie. There are only a few copies left at various record stores worldwide so make sure you grab yours before they run out of stock.

Words by AndreiB

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