feeder sound 292 mixed by Alpha Bite

feeder sound 292 mixed by Alpha Bite (own productions) 01

Welcome to another amazing episode of our ongoing podcast series! This Friday we invite Alpha Bite to take you on a mesmerizing journey through the leftfield aspects of minimal techno music.

Born in Timisoara and now based in Copenhagen, Florin Gianni Popovici aka Alpha Bite started to produce electronic music when he was only 14 years old and throughout time he explored various styles, genres and techniques, slowly transitioning to mixing and live performances. His debut material “Aura” was a trippy, glitchy downtempo digital album released on Bandcamp in 2011, which was followed by several independent releases as well as collaborations with labels like Symphonic, Insound, Collage Audio, Tzinah, Inwave and Inborn Records.

In his quest to search for the perfect tuned sound, Alpha Bite‘s modular studio set has been the one to define and redefine his ever-changing style. A live showcase always brings him satisfaction as he elegantly navigates the realms of acid and deep minimalistic techno under the influence of classic Detroit or Berlin flavours. A lot of experiments are also included in the process and the outcome is always inspiring and introspective.

“By definition, this is a mix between Romanian + Danish rooted behavioural programs, a sort of minimal tech. One might say antonymic… as old VS new. Melodramatic and contemporary at the beginning, then reaching a short maturity in rhythm and dynamics. It is fairly to say that it was not done on the fly but more hands-on.”

Alpha Bite

feeder sound 292 mixed by Alpha Bite delivers a progressive narrative which incorporates leftfield techno rhythms, mystic sounds and that sweet analogue feeling. All the tracks carry that live modular touch which takes original stems to further dimensions, rumbling through the frequencies with energy. From deep introspective moments to truly energetic and pumping sequences, this is definitely far from standard minimal techno while still capturing that specific vibration at the same time. Enjoy with the volume up! 🔊

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Words by AndreiB

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