feeder sound 337 live with Puxumos

feeder sound 337 live with Puxumos 01

It’s time to celebrate together yet another cycle in our lives and step forward on new bright paths with a special New Year’s Eve live session with Puxumos at the controls!

For this festive night, we invite Romanian artist Puxumos to deliver a groovy and immersive live set, perfect for you to get all warmed up and ready to party. Since 2014 since he dropped feeder sound 15 on our ongoing podcast series, Constantin Craciun has been steadily building upon his career, serving inspiring DJ sets and massively supported productions for the international electronic music community. Among the labels he worked with we find Outpunkt, Far Far Away Records, 44 CNCPT, Capodopere, In Records, Zebra Records, Arupa Music and Unfelde Records, while other cuts and edits can be found on his online channels. His most recent record published by PhonicHouse1 Records, “Medusa EP“, is now available exclusively at deejay.de and packs a solid remix by Vlad Caia while early support arrives from artists like Raresh, DubtilSeppNu ZauVlad Arapasu and many others.

“This is the first live act set, specially recorded for feeder sound, containing a lot of improvisation.”


feeder sound 337 live with Puxumos sets off with an immersive atmosphere smoothly complemented by steady-paced drumming patterns that slowly evolve into a twisted narrative that switches its motion from deep to deeper and beyond. The rhythms are elegantly modulated from swinging moments to spacious breakdowns and groovy transitions, packing a solid sound that will make you turn the volume up in seconds. Enjoy! 🥳

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Puxumos on soundcloud | facebook | instagram | bandcamp
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Words by AndreiB

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