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Here’s a list of 10 most listened feeder sound exclusive premieres featured this year on our website and soundcloud channel. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the sounds!

Brought forward on vinyl or in digital format, some of this year’s most intriguing electronic music releases found their way to our online channels where they were deeply explored and reviewed by our editors in order to be presented to a curious international audience. Our list includes established artists and labels as well as new names in the scene who made resonant debuts and rapidly gained massive support from the underground community. As the end of each year is strongly tied with numerous events that celebrate the ongoing cycle of life, you’ll definitely find some serious sounds here that have to be included in your playlists for good times.

From a total of 60 tracks coming from all over the world that we exclusively premiered in 2021, here are the ones that were most played on our soundcloud page. Let’s dive in!

10. Vlad Arapasu – Inserpia [Vivus Records]

Vlad Arapasu - Inserpia EP [Vivus Records]

This is the 10th anniversary of Vivus’ vinyl-only series and what a better way to celebrate than with the magic touch of the Romanian wizard, Vlad Arapasu, who cooked up some very special sounds. The title track kicks things off in a powerful manner, delivering a twisted and hypnotic narrative perfect for dimly lighted dancefloors.

9. Topper – Riders Of The Lost Arp [Danzha]

Topper - Riders Of The Lost Arp [Danzha] 01

Topper‘s track opens the B-side of Maieutics I compilation with an immersive, bass-heavy rhythm that exhibits a steady progression flavoured with swinging and shuffling drumming patterns, eerie background textures and twisted effects.

8. Daniel Broesecke – Back To Life [Particular]

Daniel Broesecke - Back To Life [Particular] 01

The fifth instalment in Particular’s catalogue (sublabel of Vivus Records) comes from head honcho Daniel Broesecke, whose delicate minimal techno blends perfectly with some saucy house vibes for a lovely vinyl-only release. The track evokes a story best told in the morning with the sun rising in the background.

7. Nektar Agu – Diva (Dani Labb in DUB) [Eli.sound]

Nektar Agu - Diva (Dani Labb in DUB) [Eli sound] 01

While the original reveals a cryptic minimal tech sound powered by a solid bassline, prominent vocal cuts and spacious background atmospheres, Dani Labb provides a more stripped-down reinterpretation, elegantly flavoured with dub-like aspects and darker tones.

6. CVO – Go On! (Free Download)

CVO - Go On! (Edit) ⇩ FREE DOWNLOAD ⇩

Berlin-based artist CVO (Casimir von Oettingen) drops an exclusive free download banger perfect for the dancefloor. Listen carefully and you might find a well-known sample used here that will definitely get your groove on in an instant.

5. Yaklev – Manian Romanian (Cosmic Clap Remix) [Yaklev Ryche]

Yaklev - Manian Romanian (Cosmic Clap Remix) [Yaklev Ryche]

While the original reveals a quirky and subtly glitched stripped-down rhythm, Cosmic Clap adds an extra harmonious dimension with his funky re-interpretation, composed around a deep bassline, a swinging percussive core and twisted effects.

4. Lukea – Zirconiu [Bohrium Records]

Lukea - Zirconiu [Bohrium Records] 01

Opening the B-Side with an uplifting note, the track drops a steady-paced minimalistic ride flavoured with progressive arrangements, a driving wobbling bassline and several variations that reveal vivid melodic sequences elegantly intertwined with mysterious vocal cuts that add an exotic and electric feeling to the whole composition.

3. Topology – Halah (Dragutesku Remix) [VRNT]

Topology - Halah (Dragutesku Remix) [VRNT] 01

The first vinyl-only release coming from April Terry‘s freshly founded venture VRNT rapidly gained massive support worldwide and caught the attention of many selectors and electronic music enthusiasts. Dragutesku keeps the stripped-down arrangement of the original cut while adding dark tones, subtly reverberated layers and twisted effects to the story.

2. Unknown Artist – NOODLES 002 B [Noodles]

Unknown artist - noodles 002 EP [Noodles]

The mysterious underground label drops a second untitled wax, unleashing two steaming minimal cuts, sweet & sour, a true record digger’s golden find. The cut reveals a twisted stripped-down rhythm that packs a solid swing and keeps rolling into a hypnotic rotation of glitched vocal recordings, eerie piano notes and subtle microtextures.

1. Valentino Kanzyani – Ibiza Change (Dragosh Rework) [Modvlar]

Valentino Kanzyani - Ibiza Change (Dragosh rework) [Modvlar] 01

While the original cut reveals a steady-paced rhythm designed with several variations, ever-evolving background textures and mystical vocals in focus, Dragosh introduces a new version of the drumming patterns while taking the other elements into a deeper dimension, perfect for the after-hours. The breakdowns maintain the same energetic effect and the vocals get blurred into ethereal whispers.

Here you can find a playlist containing all the tracks, so you can enjoy a wonderful audition 🔊

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Words by: AndreiB

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