Melchior Productions Ltd – Vulnerabilities 3×12″ LP [Perlon]

Melchior Productions Ltd - Vulnerabilities LP [Perlon] 01

Melchior Productions Ltd – Vulnerabilities 3×12″ LP [Perlon]

When a dreamy edit of “Closer” and the immersive flavours of “Endless Skies” were first heard last year, everybody knew something fresh will soon be delivered by Thomas Melchior via Perlon under his Melchior Productions Ltd alias. Let’s step into the New Year with good news and an amazing pick for anyone’s record collection, “Vulnerabilities LP”, coming from the maestro himself and carefully packed into a 3×12″ vinyl set, announced to arrive soon at selected record shops worldwide.

Wrapping up 11 tracks that explore deep feelings and sounds, the album showcases a smooth vibration and distinct vision that elegantly touches various shades of electronic music, from ambient to microhouse, minimal techno, breakbeat and fully immersive fusion rhythms that will definitely catch your attention in seconds. Also, make sure to discover his latest venture My King Is Light and stay tuned for more goodies coming from his other forward-thinking projects and collaborations as well.

“Soul departure time. Drowning in a dreamlike state where drifting with the current is free movement. Driven by echoes of serious intentions and playfulness. The order of music takes you further. In time, on the floor, under the skin, melting measures and dimensions. On a way back to where the future of your comfort has dawned. Through zones of whispers and expanding beauty. On a memory lane while passing all your favourite things and sentiments. On a straight, gently quantized line through tunnels of love and liberation. To a vanishing point where the soul is exposed to scattered radiation of joy, content, revival, liveliness, melancholia. Feels like an arrival, with no detour or deviation. Soul, its vulnerability becomes a superpower.”

Listen to the snippets and pre-order your copy of Vulnerabilities 3×12″ LP at,, yoyaku record store, juno records, redeye records or bleep.

Artists: Melchior Productions Ltd
Title: Vulnerabilities LP
Label: Perlon
Cat. number: PERLON130
Release date: February 2022
Format: 3×12″ Vinyl LP

Words by AndreiB

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