feeder sound 313 mixed by Nerve Maze

feeder sound 313 mixed by Nerve Maze

This Friday we invite Nerve Maze to deliver a deep and steady-paced vinyl set, smoothly crafted with carefully picked cuts from the minimal, deep house and microhouse universe.

Starting as a local DJ and events promoter in his hometown of Salerno in Italy around the early 2000s, Nerve Maze has been active in the international underground movement for quite some time now and has been able to meet and collaborate with artists such as Marco Resmann, Deepchild and Nadja Lind, hosting several parties with the Violettronica and Waves teams. Slowly refining his minimal sound thanks to influences from artists like Vlad Caia, Cristi Cons, Priku and many others, he has come to a strongly influenced Romanian minimal style which can be easily perceived in his vinyl sets.

Last year he released “Renegade” with Abstract Sounds, an Italian sound design company focused on underground music, while their first vinyl release ASV001 will see him return to the label, as the pressing is announced to arrive soon, probably in a limited number of copies. Stay tuned and listen to the snippets here.

feeder sound 313 mixed by Nerve Maze reveals an intricate labyrinth of sounds that reflects a breezy afterhours vibe, like when the Sun shines with power yet the wind in the trees and the spiralling shades are smoothly complemented by stripped-down rhythms & textures… Everything you need to get your groove on. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride, the weekend has arrived! 🚀

📣 OUT NOW! Oana – Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [FSRO003] Available at deejay.de (DE), Redeye Records (UK), Technique Tokyo (JP), Aktrecords (HU), Disco Più (IT), ColdCuts / HotWax (UK), HHV (DE) and Juno Records (UK).

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Words by AndreiB

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