MicrogardenDEEP presents MicrogardenDEEP VA001

MicrogardenDEEP VA001 [MGDVA001]

MicrogardenDEEP VA001 [MGDVA001]

For the first MicrogardenDEEP VA release, we present six dope originals by Vladimir Marinkovic, Greg Ah Ree,
Never Alone In A Dark Room, Dan Matei, Ilusorio, Be-Vardo, MALBO.


  1. Vladimir Marinkovic, Greg Ah Ree – Qustions (Original Mix) 05:14    
  2. Never Alone In A Dark Room – Mate (Original Mix) 06:08    
  3. Dan Matei – Punct Si De La Capat (Original Mix) 08:33    
  4. Ilusorio – Deep Garden (Original Mix) 06:36    
  5. Be-Vardo – Planet Zero (Original Mix) 08:58    
  6. MALBO – Organic Beat (Original Mix) 08:57    


24 bit master
Cover Artwork: Molly Child (Serbia)

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