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The Italian sound design company Abstract Sounds returns with an innovating and inspiring sample pack titled “Micro House Tools” which offers 200 professionally composed files that can take your productions to the next level. Inspired by the best underground vinyl releases from labels like Perlon, Yoyaku, PIV, Eastenderz or Cabaret and by the distinct sounds brought forward by artists like Priku, Arapu or Praslea, the venture always delivers top-quality collections designed with great care and attention to details.

Micro House Tools sample pack merges 100 One-Shots files and a Drum Rack with an on-point list of loops ranging from bass and pads to textures and percussion. All the sounds were carefully selected and created in the studio using a series of digital and analogue instruments, from plug-ins and VSTs to modular synths and machines like Moog, Peak, Minilogue, Elektron Model: Cycles, MicroFreak for the melodic lines, Digitakt for the percussion, the Vermona Kick Lancet for the kick drums and the Tascam DR-05X for the unique textures.

Alongside the loops and sounds, the Drum Rack included in the Micro House Tools package is what differentiates this collection from others within the Abstract Sounds series. The rack includes 16 different pads and each of these has specific and unique functionalities crafted to improve and facilitate the production process. The Kick Pad for example allows music makers to choose from 25 different presets which provide easy control of the ASDR’s parameters while featuring some secret own FXs as well. This is just one of the many amazing features. Similar functionalities of the Kick Pad can also be found in the Clap 1 and 2 pads, Hi-hat 1 and 2 pads and Perc 1 and 2. The Texture 1 pad enables producers to create textures simply by adding random sequences of notes for that magic personal touch to be integrated into the process.

The Texture 2 and 3 pads give even further creative freedom by simple random programming of the notes. You can create grooves and textures that are unique to the micro house genre and, for an even more personal touch, it allows for your own samples and loops to be integrated within the pad. The Loop 1 and 2 pads have a preset of 10 loops that could be used to improve pre-existing loops alongside the use of FX included in the pads itself. Finally, the EXTRA 1, 2, 3, and 4 pads are “empty” pads that accept pre-existing samples and once these are “dragged” within the pads, they can be modified with the use of FX and by regulating the ASDR. Quite effective!

All sample content from the Micro House Tools sample pack are 100% royalty-free and all 200 files are rendered in 44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV format. The selection also contains 1 Ableton Live Project yet you can use the samples in any DAW (Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper etc).

Grab your copy of Micro House Tools sample pack by Abstract Sounds from Loopmasters.

Title: Micro House Tools sample pack
Publisher: Abstract Sounds
Platform: Loopmasters

Words by AndreiB

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