Arapu, Simone Adinolfi – Endless Lapse [No Rush]

Arapu, Simone Adinolfi - Endless Lapse [No Rush] 01

Arapu, Simone Adinolfi – Endless Lapse [No Rush]

Italian imprint No Rush announces a split EP signed by Arapu and label owner Simone Adinolfi to arrive early in September, packing two original cuts from each artist on both sides. Titled “Endless Lapse”, the material sees the two producers expressing a personal feeling about the antithesis of time, perceived as infinite as much as just a moment.

Arapu is one of the most acclaimed DJs and producers that the local minimal scene has formed over time. His name is now associated with respectable international labels while his activity as a selector counts hundreds of hours spent behind the decks. From captivating basslines, driving synths, melodic drones and rhythms flavoured with seductive playfulness, his signature sound is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Inspired by the German minimal techno and microhouse school while deeply influenced by the sound of Eastern Europe, Simone Adinolfi is an eclectic artist who blends various elements from minimal, house and techno in a single frame. In 2016 he founded Sound Bakery in his hometown Milan, hosting numerous events alongside guests like Cem Ozden, Vlad Caia, Sublee, Barac, Priku, East End Dubs, Haokah, Praslea and Giuliano Lomonte, to name only a few. His most recent adventures include the release of “Sliding Doors” on Mezin’s “Tempo Rubato I” Various Artists compilation.

Side A sets off with the driving rhythm of Arapu’s “End Of That”, opening the EP with a solid minimal sound. The background elements will take you for a spin, while the synth stabs, the percussive shuffles and the warm chords add a funky dimension to the whole journey. Following, Adinolfi’s “Relapse” keeps close to the tempo yet it goes deeper, exploring immersive melodies merged with pulsating basslines, bright notes and spacious breakdowns.

On the flipside both artists aim for a laid-back feeling, with “Morning Clue” and “Levantyne” revealing a more atmospheric sound, perfect for the afterhours. The airy arrangements and the steady-paced drumming patterns create two smooth and highly enjoyable compositions. A great addition to any collection or record bag right here!

Arapu, Simone Adinolfi - Endless Lapse [No Rush] 02

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Artist: Arapu, Simone Adinolfi
Title: Endless Lapse
Label: No Rush
Cat. number: NR002
Release date: 03.09.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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