feeder sound 294 mixed by Ramona Yacef [Lescale Recordings]

feeder sound 294 mixed by Ramona Yacef [Lescale Recordings] 01

This Friday we welcome Ramona Yacef to be the one that will take you for a ride into the realms of eclectic electronic music and to create a perfect setting for the weekend that follows. Let’s dive in!

Born in Torino, Italy, Ramona Yacef developed a strong passion for music since she was very young and started to play the piano at the early age of 5. In time, her curiosity became dedication so she completely immersed herself into exploring various genres and styles, settling for electronic music to express her distinct vision. Alongside her crew We Play The Music We Love, she represented the underground scene of the northern Italian city for the last 10 years, becoming an essential influence until nowadays. Moving to Paris brought even more possibilities for Ramona which began working on her own productions, playing at local events and taking her energy abroad to Barcelona, Ibiza, New York and even Constanta, where she delighted the crowd at the 25th edition of Sunwaves.

Inspired by the themes of travel, musical scales and ladders of life, Ramona Yacef has recently launched her own record label, Lescale Recordings, where, aside from her own productions you can find amazing cuts from Eliptica, Francesco Nikolai, Bill It, Olivier Romero, Enzo Leep, Dandy Jack, Bassam and Mehdi M. She also collaborated with publishers like Celo Rec, Raw Trax, Baile Musik, Akta Records, Cervidae, Platform 7even and Aprapta Music.

“Music has no limits for me. Usually, I prefer never to categorize, because when this happens, it’s like narrowing things down. I love proposing all kinds of genres that are part of my story. Sometimes it depends on what people around you need. Sometimes it depends on what you need first. The important thing is always to find a good compromise and to try to understand what surrounds you and to respect it and to integrate it. I hope we will all be back soon…”

Ramona Yacef

feeder sound 294 mixed by Ramona Yacef reveals an inspiring and uplifting selection which incorporates various shades of house, microhouse, minimal and breaks. You can also hear some personal works elegantly included in the organic flow of the set, empowering a solid narrative that starts with uptempo rhythms and ends with introspective downtempo compositions. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Ramona Yacef on soundcloud | facebook | Lescale Recordings
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Words by AndreiB
Photo by Elisabetta Riccio

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