feeder sound exclusive premiere: Aprapta & Ramona Yacef – Something New [Baile Musik]

Aprapta and Ramona Yacef - Something New 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Aprapta & Ramona Yacef – Something New [Baile Musik]

Baile Musik residents Aprapta and Ramona Yacef team up for Something New, an elegant 12” that adds even more flavour to the imprint’s substantial catalogue. The two artists combine their skills in order to deliver a distinct sound, designed with minimalistic rhythms, deep textures and alluring vocals.

Owner of the eponymous record label, Aprapta is a versatile producer and DJ that likes to create immersive experiences through his works by combining visual art with sound. The music he brings forward describes a creative universe that invariably reinvents itself without following fads or fashion yet it’s conceptually on point. Founded in 2017, Aprapta Music published materials from Gorbani, Denis Kaznacheev, Basti Grub, Ezikiel, Son Of Elita, Tex Ture, Bill It and Timo Maas, amongst others.

Born in Torino, Italy, now living and working in Paris, France, Ramona Yacef devoted her life to music from an early age, playing the piano since the age of five. Throughout time, she explored various genres and subgenres drawing influences from numerous sources in order to develop an eclectic style, suitable for the dancefloor as well as for deep inner journeys. In October she made an appearance on Akta Records’ latest Various Artists compilation alongside Plusculaar, Dmitriev Ernest aka Eric and label-head Romain Proust, while her “Xibalba” EP was published on Raw Trax in 2018.

💥 Let’s get groovy with the full-length B1, “Something New”, exclusively on feeder sound:

“Something New EP is a collaboration between two different states of mind, two different personalities, two different countries, converging in a large, deep and intimate world called music. I’m honoured to share this vinyl with master Aprapta. Our intention was to offer something different, something … new 🙂” – Ramona Yacef

Naming the wax, the track exhibits a hypnotic arrangement infused with warm piano notes, chilled background textures and modulated vocals that add a spacious dimension to the whole story. The percussion rolls with intricate micropatterns and subtly glitched layers with the bassline balancing the beat around 122 bpm, maintaining an engaging vibe.

Grab your copy of Something New at deejay.de


Artist: Aprapta, Ramona Yacef
Title: Something New
Label: Baile Musik
Cat. number: BM160
Release Date: 02.10.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by: AndreiB


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