feeder sound 257 mixed by Unisson

feeder sound 257 mixed by Unisson 01

This Friday we welcome the mysterious duo Unisson to delight us and lighten up the mood with their sound!

Alex Draghici and Teodorescu Nicolae aka Unisson like to keep things underground although they have years of experience behind the decks as well as in the studio. Throughout time, they developed a distinct style blending various elements from minimal, house and techno music into deep rhythmic soundscapes and groovy dancefloor shakers alike. The duo is rarely seen performing in public yet their work is widely known and supported by many artists in the scene, such as Petre Inspirescu, Arapu, Suciu and Sepp, to name only a few.

Their early releases can be found on compilations published by Mulen Records and miNIMMAl movement as well as on their Bandcamp page, which gets frequently updated with new tracks and EPs. In 2019 they founded their own vinyl-only record label named UNS Records and dispatched two solid materials in the form of “Dreamer9D EP” and “Roboost EP“, while a third record titled “Nazare EP” is announced to arrive soon. Stay tuned!

“The entire selection was built around numerous unreleased own productions, aiming to move the body and engage the soul, as Unisson’s preferred motto is saying.” – Unisson

feeder sound 257 mixed by Unisson will take you for a 2h ride through various styles and subgenres of house and techno music, offering constant energy and ever-evolving vibrations. The organic transitions reveal an eclectic selection that includes solid minimalistic cuts, deep and melodic house-infused moments, twisted techno rhythms and unreleased tracks. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy!


During these hard times we’re all going through, we encourage you to stay safe and not forget about your favourite local artists. Until things come back to normal again here’s how to support them directly through social solidarity.

Here’s a list with visual artists and their amazing artworks for you to purchase and here’s one with music-makers and links to their independent Bandcamp pages!


Unisson on facebook | soundcloud
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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