feeder sound exclusive premiere Unisson - Paramount [UNS Records]

Last updated on May 20th, 2019 at 03:11 pm

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Unisson – Paramount [UNS Records]

Recently, after years of hard work refining their sound, the Romanian duo Unisson drop their very first EP titled “Dreamer9D” through UNS Records, a label that serves as a platform for their musical project. Alex Draghici and Teodorescu Nicolae have been active in the Romanian scene for quite some time now, creating and playing tracks that move the body and engages the soul, the dancefloor being a sacred place for the two. The release was long-awaited and received early support from well-known artists like Petre Inspirescu, Arapu, Suciu and Sepp.

The music they bring forward is a fusion between old and new styles, ranging from micro-house, breaks, techno, house and everything in between. Their production work can be found on their Bandcamp page, as well as on the catalogue of Mulen Records and miNIMMAl movement, where they dispatched amazing tracks for VA compilations. They also signed the guest list for podcast series run by Beatgreed, Unic, Arupa Music and Melancolie, delivering engaging selections for people to enjoy.

Opening Side B on the EP, “Paramount” keeps things moving with wobbly basslines and quirky details that sink into the mix in an elegant fashion. Almost breaky in nature, the track reveals deep background pads leading the steady rhythm, while subtle effects and micropatterns create an alluring sound dimension. Dive in!

💥 Listen to the full-length track exclusively on feeder sound:

“Dreamer9D” provides three more tracks, designed with deep minimalistic textures and groovy beats, ready to delight anyone on any kind of dancefloor. Intricate soundscapes and intriguing layering stand as an argument for the duo’s ability to create solid compositions that can shake the frequencies with style.

Early support from Suciu playing Unisson – Paramount at Picnic Fonic:

Read the full review here and grab your copy from deejay.de before it’s out of stock. Expect to hear more from them in the future and keep your ears wide open for what they have to say.


Artist: Unisson
Title: B1. Paramount / Dreamer9D
Label: UNS Records
Cat. No.: UNS001
Release date: 05.06.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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