New book from Dokument Press: Egs – Writing Stories With Three Letters

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Egs – Writing Stories With Three Letters [Dokument Press]

New book from Dokument Press: Egs – Writing Stories With Three Letters

Finnish artist Egs is one of the first contemporary artists in Scandinavia with a visible graffiti identity. Egs had a major solo show in Helsinki’s Kunsthalle in 2018. In the spring and summer of 2020, he is exhibited at The Finnish Glass Museum in Rihimäki.

Can a word without meaning have a message? Egs’ universe is based on the use of the three letters in his name. Whether it’s dynamic ink drawings, glass sculptures or a classic graffiti piece, those three letters are the fundament of his art and the stories he tells.

Egs works in his own universe, grounded in the use of the three letters in his name only. Whether it’s his dynamic ink drawings or the slower but even more hard-to-control media of glass, those three letters are the fundament of his art and the stories he tells.

While showing works in museums and galleries internationally, Egs keeps painting graffiti on the streets around the world. In conversations with Swedish author Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Egs talks about how to navigate a city and to find it’s hidden spots; how we should use the past; why it’s important to stay anonymous in today’s digital world; and how he uses accidental flaws in order to lose control over his work.

Ultimately, Egs’ work is about the freedom of getting lost.

With a foreword by UK curator Cedar Lewisohn and introduction texts by Mike R. Watson, PhD. Graphic design by Tom Backström.

Egs artwork is a form of trespassing into the contemporary artworld. Whether painting, sculpting or using glass, his work is seemingly a mix between a modernistic tradition and graffiti. His understanding of the dos and don’ts in the artworld makes a force to be reckoned with. – Jan Förster, Director of the Kunsthalle in Helsinki

Egs has grown from a graffiti adventurer to a multi-disciplinary artist whose work breaks convention and delivers beauty in the most unexpected ways. – Alain Ket Mariduena, Director of The Museum of Graffiti in Miami

Publishing date April 1st 2020
ISBN 978-91-88369-33-8
Language English
Pages 160
Dimensions 22 x 26 cm
Binding Hardcover
More than 120 illustrations

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