[UPDATE 14] Let‘s buy music from our favourite artists & musicians and help the local scene during the quarantine

[UPDATE 12] Let‘s buy music from our favourite artists & musicians and help the local scene during the quarantine

[UPDATE 14] Let‘s buy music from our favourite artists & musicians and help the local scene during the quarantine

So far 2020 seems to be a game-changer for the music and arts scene, but more importantly, for the people within it. With the recent news of force majeure and quarantine, we are encouraged to stay indoors. During this time the entire cultural industry is completely shut down, and a lot of artists are facing an uncertain period with challenging perspectives. Here you can read the viewpoints of Cosmjn, DraguteskuDubphoneMiss IMihai Popoviciu, Paula DunkerPrimarie and Saboar.

In these hard times, the alternative culture needs to stay stronger than ever. One way to support your favourite artists is to go on their Bandcamp pages and buy the music you appreciate.

Here is an extended list containing more than 50 tracks, EPs and LPs recently uploaded by Ada Kaleh, AK 41Arapu, Andrei CiubucAOKI takamasa, BaracBIXABucurie, Cally, Cosmjn, Cr15tina, Dan Andrei, Derek, Direkt, Dragutesku, Dragosh, Dragomir, Dudley Strangeways, Ema Remedi, Emi, Faster, Floog, Herck, IULY.B, Incolor, Jay Bliss, Kozo, Lizz, Lumieux, Leftback, Melodie, Mihai Pol, Mihigh, Mr.John, Oana, Priku, Pîrvu, Paul K, RQZRares Romanov, Ruere Records, Stomping Grounds, Suciu, Sublee, Takashi Himeoka, Tijn, Tripmastaz, Triptil, Unisson, Vlad Arapasu, Vid and Vincentiulian on their Bandcamp pages.

Take your time and enjoy to listen to all the new and interesting tracks published by local and international artists.



Derek - Station Codes

DEREK – Station Codes

Digital released on May 1, 2020


Cr15tina - JUMATATE

Cr15tina – JUMATATE

Voce preluata din Familia Chitz, Chitz.

Digital released on March 25, 2020



Ema Remedi - Aurora Boreal

Ema Remedi – Aurora Boreal


Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Ema Remedi.
Recorded in Berlin in 2017.
Mastered by Emanuel Geller @ Salz Mastering, Germany in 2020.
Artwork by holycrabstudio.



AOKI takamasa - Make CrisisActors Panic

AOKI takamasa – Make CrisisActors Panic

Digital album released on April 20, 2020



Mr.John - 40 EP

Mr.John – 40 EP

Digital album released on April 30, 2020



Takashi Himeoka - Erice

Takashi Himeoka – Erice

From Save The Metro Compilations, released April 23, 2020




feeder sound premiere: Incolor – Don’t breakbeat my heart

Extending for just a bit over ten minutes, the track displays a steady progression and a groovy balance. The breaks-inspired drumming pattern elegantly merges with a solid bassline and humming low-frequencies, while energetic synth modulations and bright background textures create a vivid story. The breakdowns leave enough space for the complementary micropatterns to be heard and carefully crafted effects are brought into focus, calibrating the whole journey with sublime precision. Grab your copy and directly support Incolor on Bandcamp.



Oana - Dimensiuni Paralele

Oana – Dimensiuni Paralele EP

Digital album released on April 20, 2020



feeder sound premiere: Sublee – Normalize

The track unfolds a spacious sound dimension built around a minimalistic structure that seems to draw influence from ambient, dub techno and breakbeat at the same time. The crisp syncopated drumming pattern leads the ever-evolving background atmosphere while subtle bubbling effects, elegant panning and birds chirping make the piece perfect for introspective states of mind.

On the other hand, the other cuts revolve around a more uplifting feeling bringing forward driving percussive elements elegantly combined with immersive textures and warm sounds. Explore the release in more depth and directly support Sublee on Bandcamp.




Dan Andrei - Vreau sa ma simt bine

Dan Andrei – Vreau sa ma simt bine

Digital album released on April 20, 2020

Written and produced by Dan Andrei Efta
Artwork by Claudiu Stefan
Mastered by Vlad Caia



Suciu - UnlockedSuciu – Unlocked

Digital album released on April 14, 2020

“Various recordings from the past years” – Suciu



feeder sound premiere: VincentIulian – journ31

“Hi! This is a track based on the intertwining of a deep bassline, modulated percussion and harmonies which keep the 4/4 rhythm going. It transmits a specific state of dreaming and meditation for the current period in which we can focus more on audition and less on rhythmic manifestation.” – VincentIulian

Make sure you discover the other cuts VincentIulian has been working on recently and support him directly on Bandcamp. Also, remember the importance of staying home in order to contribute to the fight against this threat we’re all facing right now, hoping that everything will soon come to an end.



Mihigh - r e b e l b l u e s

Mihigh – r-e-b-e-l-b-l-u-e-s

Digital album released on April 17, 2020

“Previously unreleased music” – Mihigh



feeder sound premiere: AK41 (Kozo & Dan Andrei) – Ghetto Update

Designed with a strong warping bassline in focus, resonant background frequencies, eerie synth arrangements and breakbeat-influenced drumming, the cut reveals an immersive sound, perfect for dim lightened dancefloors. The breakdown leaves enough space for the spiralling effects to be heard more clearly while the modulated vocal samples add even more depth to the whole journey.

From driving compositions to abstract rhythms, trippy patterns, ambient soundscapes and intricate layering, this release has it all so we invite you to personally discover each and every track while being able to directly support the duo on Bandcamp. Enjoy!



Jay Bliss - Unreleased Works (2012 - 2017)

Jay Bliss – Unreleased Works (2012 – 2017)

Digital album released on April 9, 2020

“Self-released album with previously unreleased tracks, produced between 2012 and 2017. Painting by Stefania Popovici.” – Jay Bliss



feeder sound premiere: Direkt – Past Self

The track brings forward an uplifting composition that slowly reveals itself and displays a constant progression throughout. The solid drumming and the phat bassline flow steadily alongside warm background textures and swinging synth arrangements, creating a spacious and organic atmosphere that has enough balance to make the cut perfect for the club. We’ll definitely hear this one on the dancefloors once the lockdown comes to an end!



Sensek - Endoscope

Sensek – Endoscope

Released on March 16, 2020



feeder sound premiere: Andrei Ciubuc – Scratch my pitch up

“These tracks ware made in a time when I was in Jamaica laying down the foundations of Draganenii” – Andrei Ciubuc

Hip-hop scratching, reggae music elements, vocal cuts featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry, a solid bassline and a driving syncopated beat, this track has it all. The combination can barely be classified as techno and that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. At the core, we find that specific flavour that can make anyone on the dancefloor shake, while the overall arrangement evokes the Jamaican dubplate cutting technique.



Christopher Ledger - Deceptive Afterglow EP

Christopher Ledger – Deceptive Afterglow EP

Amphia 021 is narrated by Christopher Ledger, who subtly undertakes us into different corners of the electronic music field.
The record provides 4 dance-oriented tracks, with moments of introspection, a state of mind in which one does not fear to explore their inner gloomy parts.



feeder sound premiere: LIZZ – Deep in modulation

We first heard the cut at Sunwaves 23 and we were just wondering when will this be released. Well, that moment has arrived. Encompassed in a 10 minutes-long journey, the composition smoothly builds on itself, revealing the layers one by one. The steady-paced percussion and the solid bassline lead an ever-evolving synth pattern that has a subtle progressive feeling embedded into it while the background textures remain warm and provide an introspective state of mind, making it perfect for the after-hours.

We invite you to discover the other tracks yourself, knowing that the album brings forward an elegant combination of deep and spacious microhouse sounds, as well as a couple of more energetic pieces. Get the album and directly support Lizz.




Cally - Y Files


Use the code “feeder” until 10 April and get 15% discount https://callyro.bandcamp.com


feeder sound premiere: Faster – Unshared electrons 1000

For this weekend, you are invited to step into a new dimension where electrons vibrations emit dancing frequencies and discover the latest tracks produced by Faster.

“Making music provides a means to regain control. Be inspired. #saveourscene” – Faster

Recently uploaded on his Bandcamp page, you can find three new releases Unshared electrons 1000, Unshared electrons 2000 and Crème fraîche. We are happy to premiere the track mysteriously titled 1002 from Unshared electrons 1000 EP and encourage you to feed for curiosity for alternative art and music. Stay active, exercise/dance a bit, enjoy this time in any way you prefer and support your favourite artists.



feeder sound premiere: Barac – Mystical, for those who don’t understand magical

Barac‘s music is never easy to express through words because his tracks lead to a state of mind which results from a combination of contrasting sounds and frequencies that triggers an emotional reaction. Using a multitude of overlapping textures filled up by rhythmical patterns, “Mystical, for those who don’t understand magical” describes a series of events happening in an organised microcosmos.

You can enjoy listening to the entire track for free on feeder sound, or you can go on Barac‘s Bandcamp page and get your copy.



feeder sound exclusive premiere: Mihai Pol – Smile

We have a special treat from Mihai Pol that we hope we‘ll make you smile. 🙂 The track is part of a new album “Retrospection 01” released today independently on Bandcamp. “Retrospection 01” presents a series of unreleased tracks produced by Mihai Pol in 2017.

“Well, through music, I try to give people a good feeling, to make them dance, I try to move people through the groove of the pieces, not through aggression. At the same time, I want people to embark on a journey, both mentally and emotionally. In conclusion, I try to combine all experiences: emotional, mental, physical and social, if I can. I am inspired by nature a lot.” – Mihai Pol

Grab your copy of the album “Retrospection 01



Cosmjn - xx#03

Cosmjn – xx#03




Ruere Records 

Ruere Records



BIXA (Bila & Xandru) 

BIXA (Bila & Xandru)




Eu și cu ăsta (Kozo & Andrei Ciubuc) - Social Distancing LP

Eu și cu ăsta (Kozo & Andrei Ciubuc) – Social Distancing LP



MC - nu staţ la balcoane LP

MC – nu staț la balcoane LP




Mihigh - p e s c a d e r o

Mihigh – p e s c a d e r o



Kozo - indoor stuff

Kozo – indoor stuff



Lizz - Difuzz1 album

Lizz – Difuzz1 album







Emi - Easy like a Sunday spring

Emi aka Visul lucid – Easy like a Sunday spring (‘13 – ‘14)



Pîrvu - Doamna EP

Pîrvu – Doamna EP




Robert David










Tripmastaz – Sour Diesel

“I made this track yesterday, mixed and mastered it and decided to give away as a present for my today’s birthday. Yes, it’s free. And the pic is a funny present from my friends for my last year’s birthday.” – Tripmastaz

















Dudley Strangeways






Ema Remedi aka The Tellurian Experience






Stomping Grounds records






Leftback records






IULY.B - Wisdom Sharing

IULY.B – Wisdom Sharing

“I felt it’s the appropriate time to share some slightly different projects of mine, which can have a better impact while listening at home rather than at a party.” – IULY.B

Discover more and buy the tracks at Bandcamp



Lumieux – Wonky Machine / Unreleased Work Vol. 2

The composition kicks in with a solid minimalistic drumming sequence that will merge with various micropatterns and subtle glitches throughout, making the whole thing sound like a complex mechanism. Flowing at a steady pace, the track also features a heavily modulated vocal sample that takes the lead from time to time, adding a mysterious oscillation to the pulsating rhythm.

“I decided to release a few of the tracks that I recorded in the last two years, on Bandcamp. These are tracks that I really enjoy and that I worked on in different key moments, such as after a night out or after a few hours in the company of the people who inspire me.” – Lumieux

The material also contains two other tracks, namely “Neverending” and “Moments Of Time”, both providing some serious minimal vibes designed with engaging percussion, bleeps and glitches, melodic synth arrangements and alluring vocal samples.

Grab your copy of Unreleased Work Vol. 2 from here.


Bucurie – Visible Things / Nostromo EP [Depth Over Distance]

The track reveals a dreamy sound dimension designed with progressive influences and uncanny arrangements, ready to delight any dancefloor. The percussive pattern features a prominent snare and a solid bassline that flow steadily over bright ever-evolving background textures and numerous synth notes while leaving room for spacious build-ups.

Nostromo EP will soon be available in a limited number of vinyl copies so make sure you grab yours from here.

Floog - Further Bonanza

Floog – Further Bonanza

“Further Bonanza, one of the anticipated tracks from my Trommel Podcast, now available for download.” – Floog


various - uvar ltd 003 front

Various Artists – Uvar LTD 003 2×12” [UVAR]

Romanian record label UVAR released this VA  compilation featuring well-known local and international artists in 2019. The music is provided by Suciu, under his Sushi moniker, VincentIulian, Giuliano Lomonte, Robert Apetrei, Cally, Wareika, Barut and Qili. Delivering colourful minimalistic house and techno rhythms, the VA takes the listener on a delightful journey through modern electronic soundscapes.

Download all tracks here


Paul K - forthreeone

Paul K – forthreeone

Recently released, on February 25, 2020, forthreeone produced by Paul K got our attention quickly.

Here is the download link.


Ada Kaleh AK007 Verso

Ada Kaleh – Nedeslușit în amurg EP [Ada Kaleh România]

The Romanian DJ and producer Iulian Cuculea, also known as Ada Kaleh, released “Nedeslușit în amurg EP”, a 12 vinyl-only gem released through his own imprint, the well-known Ada Kaleh România

“A few goodies up on my Bandcamp page!” – Ada Kaleh


Vid - Oncewas

Vid – Oncewas

Anticipating the 11th release on An|dromeda imprint, local artist Sorin Rastoaca aka Vid drops a fresh and deep minimalistic cut in the form of Oncewas”.

An independent release available through his Bandcamp page.


Rares Romanov - Lunea rythm

Rares Romanov – Lunea rythm

Rares Romanov is a DJ and producer that stands out in the new wave of artists coming from our country, always delivering memorable selections at parties and top-quality materials when it comes to music-making. His distinct approach to modern electronic dance music gained him a lot of support from renowned names in the scene, as well as from people who enjoy his sets.

A few of his production can listen here.


Herck & Dragomir - The Expressions

Herck & Dragomir – The Expressions

Herck is definitely one of the most forward-thinking DJs and producers coming from the local scene, always ready to deliver astounding electronic dance music through his selections and productions. His works can be found in the catalogues of many imprints. Hidden from the public attention you cand discover “The Expressions”, a recent EP produced together with Dragomir.

The digital release can be found here.


Dragutesku – Iubire [Otomoji]

Exclusively premiered on feeder sound, Iubire by Dragutesku reveals a deep atmospheric sound with bright pads and eerie vocal cuts adding a warm dimension to the background while the melodic bassline provides a perfect balance to the percussive elements. Tension is carefully built through variations of the core layers, keeping it engaging and mysterious.

If you missed the vinyl, here you can get the digital version.


Vlad Arapasu - Moods I

Vlad Arapasu – Moods I

Vlad Arapasu had a passion for electronic music since he was a teenager and continuously explored the modern aspects of house and techno music while drawing influence from a variety of other genres.

“Regardless of the musical genre, each piece must convey an emotion, a feeling: joy, sadness, nostalgia, etc.” – feeder insider interview with Vlad Arapasu

Get in the mood.




In conclusion, we have 11 good reasons to enjoy and support the local scene.

Stay safe, stay indoors and let us know what‘s your favourite EP independently released.


Here is your chance to join the feeder sound OPEN CALL. And here you can check the line-up and time table for feeder sound LIVE STREAMS 🔴


Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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