feeder sound exclusive premiere: Andrei Ciubuc – Scratch my pitch up

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Andrei Ciubuc – Scratch my pitch up

Usually, the weekend was all about going to parties or hanging out with friends. Now, as there’s a lockdown due to the coronavirus here in Romania all we have left to do is to stay home and surf the web. Going digital and releasing new works on various online platforms as well as streaming bedroom sets is what music-makers do nowadays in order to keep in contact with their audience. Today we’ll explore some fresh works signed by local DJ and producer Andrei Ciubuc, well-known for his intense activity in the local and international minimal scene.

Andrei Ciubuc has been studying music since he was young, going from the violin to the guitar and finally to analogue electronic equipment. Having solid knowledge about sound engineering and composition, he started to release his own sounds which throughout time have been published by labels like Uvar, Anakronik, Tooloop, Cuplet, Malonian, Castanea Records and BP Mind Series. He’s also a part of the Backstage Boys trio alongside Dan Andrei and Kozo, as well as half of the VRAC project created in collaboration with Vlad Radu.

His latest drop is titled “Gram Poobah LP” and reveals seven tracks designed with minimal techno, reggae and dub influences, making it very experimental and forward-thinking. Let’s have a taste of this unique recipe and get groovy with “Scratch my pitch up” exclusively on feeder sound.

“These tracks ware made in a time when I was in Jamaica laying down the foundations of Draganenii” – Andrei Ciubuc

Hip-hop scratching, reggae music elements, vocal cuts featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry, a solid bassline and a driving syncopated beat, this track has it all. The combination can barely be classified as techno and that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. At the core, we find that specific flavour that can make anyone on the dancefloor shake, while the overall arrangement evokes the Jamaican dubplate cutting technique.

The other tracks are crafted in a similar manner, with some being more off the grid and some more techno-infused. Nevertheless, the LP offers something different and we invite you do discover that on your own. Grab your copy and directly support the artist on Bandcamp.


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Artist: Andrei Ciubuc
Title: Scratch my pitch up
Label: self-released
Release Date: 01.04.2020
Format: Digital


Words by: AndreiB


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