Andrei Ciubuc & Frost – 2 Sides Of The Spatel [Malonian]

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Andrei Ciubuc & Frost – 2 Sides Of The Spatel [Malonian]

After the release of Cally’s Kaldaer EP in December last year, Malonian returns with its first release for 2018. For the 6th publication of the record label, Andrei Ciubuc aka VRAC from Bucharest and Offenbach based Frank Frost, label head of Pressure Traxx, present their interpretation “of the Spatel“.

Andrei Ciubuc has already contributed with a remix for Malonian001 and Frost delivers two classic techno tracks on this one. “2 Sides Of The Spatel” is enjoying support from Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Dan Andrei, Praslea, Suciu, Sedee, Fabe and Einzelkind. Malonian is part of the BE9 network.

A1, “The Romanian Side Of The Spatel” sees Andrei Ciubuc delivering a groovy minimal tech sound, with a wobbly bassline and crisp percussion. The rolling rhythm incorporates swift vocal cuts and subtle synth effects that add up to the core sounds, morphing this sequence into a mesmerizing journey.

On the flipside, Frost delivers 2 versions of “The German Side Of The Spatel”, with both tracks designed around the classic sound of techno. Having that specific acid vibe of the ’90 infused in the rhythms, the B-Side is like a time travel, reminding us of that period when a proper rave was all about techno in a warehouse played through a wall of speakers. The “Downward Spiral” sets the mood as the “Vicious Circle” goes hypnotic, both takes being all about breakbeat influenced percussion, gritty chords and old-school analogue synth sounds.

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Artist: Andrei Ciubuc & Frost
Title: 2 Sides Of The Spatel
Label: Malonian
Cat. number: MALONIAN006
Release date: 22.03.2018
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB


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