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Aoki Takamasa – Internally Combusted [VHS Rec]

The first pressing coming from VHS Rec features Aoki Takamasa, an eclectic Japanese artist that’s been involved in Osaka’s underground music culture for more than fifteen years. Titled “Internally Combusted”, the wax unfolds two futuristic, glitchy cuts and a groovy remix delivered by local artist Florin Gojnea aka G76. Freshly founded by Derek, the label aims to explore different dimensions of modern electronic music while keeping it club friendly.

Aoki is not only passionate about making music and experimenting with various software or analogue equipment, but he also dedicates time to photography and the visual arts. He collaborated with a lot of renowned international artists for various projects and music productions and he released some of his works with imprints like Progressive Form, Fat Cat Records, Op.disc, Stroboscopic Artefacts and Commmons, to name only a few. His sound can’t be described easily, as it blends numerous genres and elements like IDM sequences, glitched rhythms, ambient patterns and techno beats. Inspired by everything around him, Aoki recently unveiled some of his experiences, favourite places and local culture and philosophy, as a host for Resident Advisor’s Japan City Guides for Kyoto and Osaka.

“Internally Combusted” incorporates minimalistic arrangements, glitched and syncopated rhythms and has an elegant experimental touch to it. Both the title track and A2, titled “If You Are”, bring forward an uncommon sound, yet groovy enough to become catchy and truly immersive. Heavy modulated vocals cuts and effects reverberate on all frequencies, creating a carousel of bleeps that flow along with very carefully balanced layers of percussion and subtle background textures. On Side B we find G76‘s remix, a more uplifting interpretation with a driving rhythm and dark notes. The eerie vocal sample calls for dancing, while the atmosphere around the sounds seems to turn out the lights for a mysterious dancefloor.

The visuals for the artwork and for the promo video are made by Michael Jauntai, while label-head Derek provided the video editing. Watch it here.

aoki takamasa - internally combusted [vhs rec] back

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Artist: Aoki Takamasa
Title: Internally Combusted
Label: VHS Rec
Cat. number: VHS001
Release date: 01.05.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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