feeder sound exclusive premiere: RQZ – Saibot

feeder sound exclusive premiere: RQZ – Saibot

Local artist Raul Moldovan aka RQZ presents “Archives”, a digital collection of old and new tracks released solely through his official Bandcamp page. Counting ten titles, the material brings forward a distinct musical journey that incorporates various styles, going from deep and minimalistic rhythms to dubby vibes and engaging breaks.

RQZ is well-known for his residency at Club Midi in Cluj-Napoca, as well as for his association with Mioritmic, an amazing festival dedicated to electronic dance music where the best artists from the scene combine their sounds with mind-bending visuals for a complete experience. With a peculiar interest in hypnotic loops and intricate textures, his style draws influence from ambient, jazz, IDM, dub, electro and everything in between, while he’s always eager to experiment and continuously develop his unique approach to modern techno. As a producer, he collaborated with labels like Modeight, Mr KS & Friends, Unic, Algorhythmic, Curtea Veche, Sobriquet Records and NG Trax, enjoying generous support for his works every time.

💥 Time to get groovy with “Saibot” exclusively on feeder sound and explore the LP in more depth:

The track slowly reveals itself layer by layer and elegantly evolves into a 12 minutes long minimalistic odyssey built with intricate percussive arrangements, dark atmospheres and futuristic effects. The wobbling bassline stands out while ghostly vocal samples subtly add a mysterious dimension, all flowing with an immersive sensation and intrinsic energy.

Overall, “Archives” represents a complex journey into RQZ‘s inspirational universe, offering variety, intensity and a fresh vision on Romanian minimal. The cuts can easily be mixed one into another in order to create organic transitions from brighter to darker soundscapes, from steady-paced rhythms to breaks, from classic structures to dub and ambiental compositions.

Grab your copy of Archives from here.


Artist: RQZ
Title: Saibot / Archives
Label: self-released
Release Date: 02.12.2019
Format: Digital


Words by: AndreiB


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